May God Help Everyone Be Clear About President Trump


May God Help Everyone Be Clear About President Trump

April 12, 2020

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.


O God, it is 6:54 a.m., on Sunday, April, 12, 2020.

This is the early hour of the day – we just attended Mass celebrated in Rome live via the media and received the plenary indulgence.

Today is the day we celebrate Easter.

All of us who are present here represent all our brothers and sisters, our families, our relatives, to lift up to God in this early morning hour and to Mother Mary.

We should have said the Regina Caeli at exactly 6 o’clock, but we wait for all of us to be present at 7 o’clock.

In the morning of Easter Sunday – we now offer the Regina Caeli:

Queen of heaven, rejoice, alleluia.

For he, whom you did merit to bear, alleluia.

Has risen as he said, alleluia.

Pray for us to God, alleluia.

Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia.

For the Lord is truly risen, alleluia.

Let us pray: O God, who gave joy to the world through the resurrection of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, grant we beseech thee, that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, his Mother, we may obtain the joys of everlasting life.

Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

The First Reading. Excerpt from Acts. Peter proceeded to speak and said you know what happened.

The Second Reading. Quotes from the Letter of St. Paul the Apostle to the Colossians.

Brothers and sisters. The Gospel Reading. The good news of Jesus Christ.

O Lord, today is the day of Your resurrection.

The first words – we thank, praise, honor and rejoice, for our Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! His glory manifests, and brings hope and life to humanity.

O Lord, because of our sins, our blind eyes, our hardened faith, the hardheartedness of mankind in wickedness, we did not see, we did not know, we did not listen, and so deliberately as well as unintentionally, indirectly as well as directly, through the hands of the soldiers, with the scribes and Pharisees we have killed our Savior.

We have killed the Supreme Being who came to save us and brought us back from the darkness, brought us a new light, for us to live and survive.

O Lord, this day has proved everything – even when we fail to understand with our limited  viewpoint and hardened faith.

Still, God was patient to accept everything and He redeemed our sins, for each person, for each sinner.

Today that proof is 2,000 years old: the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, the glorious King!

He has granted to us – who are human beings in the world, from the earth, sinners – to be reconciled in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He lifted us up to be reconciled with God the Father, for heaven and earth to be united.

Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, today we have faith, we have belief, for us to rely on and call on the Almighty who is the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.

The Holy Spirit is the love granted to every sinner, every person, every penitent, every witness, every patient in the last hours because of the coronavirus pandemic.

O Lord, this is the first hour of the day – we represent all our brothers and sisters in our group, our families, their families, everyone in the world in every country, all the sheep of God.

God, please accept the words we lift up in a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, to praise the victorious Supreme Lord who resurrected from the dead.

Let us acclaim, praise, and honor.

Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Praised be God!

O Lord, we are living in the despair of the pandemic.

Everything is deadlocked in the world.

This has never happened in this century – all classes, all roles, are reeling from fear.

This epidemic is a terror – it weighs heavily on us, restrains us, especially in the most recent days, this week particularly, with the terrible announcement to the citizens that the pandemic has reached an alarming level.

Today, there are many people who are nervous and still do not feel comfortable getting close to each other, even in the family.

In this pandemic, the happiest thing is that all our children and family members can attend Mass together online, at the place that is the center of Christianity, the center of Catholicism.

We have the opportunity to admire when we attend Mass celebrated there – every family, every home, every person in every part of the country can contemplate the center of Christianity, the center of each person, the center where the house of the Lord is located.

It is a place that many people dream to visit but have never been there and have never had the chance to contemplate.

But today, in all classes, all roles, this is the opportunity for us to contemplate the center of the world where God founded the Church that continues to lead the world of Christians, for them to belong to the Lord Jesus Christ through the Church.

We see the reverence, the greatness, the magnificence.

It is a large basilica, but only the Pope, the cardinal, the bishop, and the priests are present at Mass.

It is a well-known basilica, an architectural wonder in the world.

The basilica is named after St. Peter.

Indeed, today we face this pandemic and we are stressed.

With the quarantine, we cannot be close to each other, visit each other, and because of the pandemic, everything is at a standstill, for ourselves and our families.

So everyone remains in their local area, in their country, and we attend Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica, which many people dream of attending in person, but have not yet had the opportunity.

Today, this is what God wants for all of His children and everyone in the world – the sheep of God and even pagans – to have the opportunity to open their eyes, to see the greatness and the solemnity of His Church, which He has established in Italy, as well as the representative of the Lord Jesus Christ – the Pope.

However, when we mention the negative disruption, then it is indeed something that causes us to be anxious and stressed.

Anxiety and stress become fear – if we remain in a state of fear then we cannot be strong and we do not see what is better that God grants in a particular way for the world in general, for every class, every role, and for our country.

O Lord, today the homily of the Pope has helped us truly awaken and recognize the words that are reminded to us.

That is correct, we are in a crisis through the coronavirus, the pandemic that has threatened many lives.

There have been many deaths and the situation is still critical regarding the number of people infected.

There are people in their dying days, those in recovery, and those who are still being treated.

Jesus comes to give us hope.

The resurrection of this generation and the resurrection of this year – let us not think that God comes to change everything as we wish and yearn.

God comes to grant us the resurrection of the soul, but we must mature.

God has many ways – He can do anything, but He wants us to mature.

Since we choose reality, we choose things within our limit and human order, our faith is limited to that choice and everything is set in the law.

Today the Pope reminded us not to wait for the resurrection for Jesus to come to heal or that Jesus will come to change.

That is correct – God can change everything, but we must know that in the life of reality we need to accept what happens, because we have Jesus who comes to accompany us, to bring us hope.

Jesus has many ways to help each patient, each person infected, each person who is living in hope – even those who are healed, even those who have not yet returned and have not yet accepted Him.

If we are truly mature, we cannot require and demand things as we wish.

We let God act and we rejoice, we celebrate Easter.

In this stressful situation with the pandemic, we have a common joy and happiness in the world, we have a common hope for everyone.

It has been stressful days, whether from the media, what we hear from every country regarding the number of people infected, the number of deaths, the many troubles and deadlocks in the whole world.

But today is a day of joy and happiness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over 2,000 years ago, He came into the world and He died for us.

Every year and especially in this Holy Week, we have had intimate moments with the family and the community to understand what Jesus has done for us over 2,000 years, and today the suffering has ended, the answer of the Lord Jesus is the triumphal, glorious resurrection.

Let sufferings return to the past – starting from this day, let us look at what God brings to us.

God brings us hope, God brings us joy on the path of crisis, but today is a joyful day, the joy that only God grants us.

O Lord, in our human condition, we simply lift up words of joy, words to rejoice.

Please help us spend time to meditate in order to lift up to God with our heart, with a spirit of thanksgiving, of gratitude, and to pray for God to forgive our sins.

Our faith is still a weak faith.

We still do not understand that what is happening and getting close is a reminder to each one of us (1).

Through the painful plights of the life that the Lord Jesus endured 2,000 years ago when He was still in the world – from His birth to the age of 33 when He died on the Cross – everything in the program was completed to give us life today.

Certainly no one denies the past days.

We have the opportunity to understand more about the 14 Stations of the Cross, about the work of salvation.

There are many aspects and ways in our life that He came to change.

He came to save us with His sacrifice, taking upon His Body the scourges, the nail marks, the crown of thorns.

In the end it became a victory over death, to completely bury all the sufferings and sins.

God in His divine nature, the mighty Supreme Being, has risen from the dead, to bring resplendent glory and the light that we need in the dark night of the world.

God is the dawn of light. God is the hope of the joy we are waiting for and everyone in the world is waiting for.

All classes, all roles, rejoice and bow in the thanksgiving we have today.

Indeed, it is something extremely precious, after we have the opportunity.

This is the year 2020, but we never had the opportunity – all classes, all roles – to celebrate Easter together, to rejoice together, gathered in one house, each person, whether rich or poor, earnestly turning in one direction to focus and to pray for hope in God.

Because of the circumstances of the present day, we see human fellowship.

There must be something inexplicable in the spirituality.

This is an opportunity to see the Savior in our state of mind, covered and clouded by gray clouds, the dark clouds of death and the angst of the color purple.

Today the resurrection has brought the light in the color white, and the joy of victory in the color red, which we will celebrate in the coming days. (2)

Today let us rejoice and speak to the Lord – to thank the Lord and the heavenly court and our beloved Mother who is always by our side, silently.

In the past, 2,000 years ago, our Mother was the first person, the one who rejoiced the most, because on the Way of the Cross Mother shed torrents of tears – Her Heart was broken.

She remembered on the Way of the Lord Jesus and the waiting, so today is a great joy as our Mother was the first person to receive.

Though not mentioned in the Gospel, in past revelations we know that Jesus first came to visit His Mother.

We know everything we have is a secrecy and is affirmed today, for us to rejoice with our Mother, to celebrate the day of resurrection in the darkness of the pandemic that affects everyone, in all classes, all roles, with the quarantine, the deadlock, and the state of fear of the disease.

But let us remember: whom did Jesus first meet in the Gospel?

St. Mary Magdalene, the woman with a past as we know, but she was the courageous person standing at the foot of the Cross, with the Mother of Jesus, Mother Mary, and His beloved Apostle, St. John.

The name of Mary Magdalene is reminded, because she was present at the foot of the Cross, she was on the Way of the Cross, and especially because St. Mary Magdalene loved God.

She loved God dearly – with respect, with affection – and she has truly returned after much suffering in life and what people considered was a sinful life.

Jesus did not look at those who followed Him as sinful, but He grants to His most beloved disciples.

Whoever loves more will receive more, and whoever loves less will receive with the measure that he or she has given.

St. Mary Magdalene was a courageous person.

In the early morning she ran to the tomb.

When she got there, she saw strange things and she cried, because she thought someone removed the body of God.

The moment she lowered her head, what she felt came from the truth in her heart.

She truly loved God.

She loved God and she always wanted to do something, even though Jesus was dead.

Because she sought God, she bravely took the first step to come to that tomb and ultimately she witnessed wondrous deeds.

It was at that moment that Jesus met St. Mary Magdalene and told her to tell the Apostles that He will return to Galilee.

Why did God not stay there?

The holy Apostles were still there, but the Lord wanted to return to Galilee.

We know about the Sea of ​​Galilee, where the Lord chose the first disciples.

It was also in Galilee that the Lord taught the people in Jerusalem and the peoples gathered there.

We also heard in the Gospel that the Lord sat in a boat to teach the people.

He did many things – He walked on the Sea of Galilee.

So for all these reasons, He wanted to return to Galilee, where He called the first Apostles.

Galilee had something to remind, so the Lord told St. Mary Magdalene to announce to His holy Apostle and disciples to go to Galilee and He will come to meet them there.

We know that Jesus first came to those who sought Him and loved Him, besides His Mother.

Certainly He granted in a special way for His Mother.

The disciples were ordinary people, sinners, weak people as we have seen on the Way of the Cross, when St. Peter denied the Lord three times.

However, God is the Supreme Being who loved and wanted to meet His disciples first.

He met the disciple Mary Magdalene, and then the disciples in Galilee.

Today with the glorious resurrection that God has granted specifically to the world in the midst of the pandemic, we celebrate and rejoice and return to that day 2,000 years ago.

In the past few days, everyone has seen that the face of our Pope has become more emaciated and his footsteps have been slower.

Certainly, in the past days our Pope prayed a lot.

Our Pope is the representative of all the sheep of God, the pastors and the shepherds.

For the past few weeks – though this situation with the pandemic has affected him – his heart, his faith, his teachings are always full of spirit, to remind us, all the sheep of God, and the shepherds who accompany him, about unity, love, forgiveness, and to remove division, selfishness, everything that is contrary to the law of God and the word of God.

Today is a joyful day, to speak of charity, brotherhood, and love; to hold hands together through this pandemic.

If mankind returns, then the word of God is the strength of unity, to spread throughout the world to bring what the Lord Jesus has brought back to life for each one of us.

He resurrected for each class, for each function of the priests, bishops, cardinals.

Those are the shepherds to receive the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in each of their hearts.

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in the heart of every layperson like us is rejoicing, joy, happiness.

In unity, we join the heavenly court to praise, glorify, and honor the Supreme Being who has risen from the dead, for us to honor God the Father, the Omnipotent One who granted us the treasure through Jesus, His Son.

Jesus has accomplished the mission that God the Father gives to humanity.

Because of His love for humanity, God the Father sacrificed His only-begotten Son, and the Lord Jesus has obeyed even unto death.

The Father has raised the Lord Jesus to become the glory.

Today let us have a more profound recognition to clearly understand that our position and life belong to God.

No matter ordeals or pandemics, we should never be disappointed, never lose what God grants to us, which is His resurrection so that we may have light and faith, joy and hope, in our hearts.

He gives us the happiness that we have.

He waits for us.

Even in the circumstances of the stressful days with the pandemic, with the standstill, to God it will never be the last path, because God will always open a door for us, and that path is the path for us to walk in joy with His victorious resurrection.

At this moment what do we have to offer God? What do we have to lift up thanks? What do we have that is worthy?

There is nothing, because of our sinful and imperfect condition – the only thing is to ask God to accept us, the days before and the days after, now and for ever and ever.

Please allow us to lift up our weak condition, our sinful condition, our immature faith, and everything we have not yet understood, have not yet done in our entire life, have not yet been fully perfect in the doctrine.

Jesus has sacrificed and brought us life, joy, and happiness, through the hope that we encounter, forever in God.

The First Kowtow:

At this moment, we respectfully offer the First Kowtow to lift up to God the Father to glorify Him, to thank Him for the multitude of graces that is poured down, for giving us a great treasure to save us in the darkness of sin.

O God the Father, may we respectfully lift up to You the joy that You sent to us and granted to us.

He granted us Jesus, for us to have joy, hope, happiness.

Forever we belong to God.

In the faith and life of the light of truth and hope, in all difficulties or challenges, we still have a place to rely on, which is the Lord Jesus, the Son of God who saved the world of mankind, even the darkness of sin, even the scribes, the Pharisees, even the stubborn people, even those who totally live in iniquity and blindness.

Though listening, seeing, knowing, people in the end live in days that are still days of weakness, because of the lures of the world.

Today, O Lord, is an opportunity for us together to honor You, to thank You.

Lord, please accept our First Kowtow.

God the Father, I worship You, I praise You, I glorify You, and I honor You.

Every time we attend Sunday Mass – before the days of the pandemic, and after the days of the pandemic – we are united in brotherhood, in every place, in every nation as well as in every state; we are united to lift up to Father.

On Sunday and every day after attending Mass, we lift up with the gift that Mother Mary has taught us for six years in silence.

It is a gift that allows us to look back on our sinful, weak, wretched human condition.

Father, You are still the Supreme Lord who gives us the opportunity to talk to You, to lift up to You, to apologize to You, to look back at ourselves daily to remind us of our weak and sinful condition that relies on the love of the Divine Mercy and the Supreme Lord, who always waits for the maturity and return of mankind.

These are the moments for us to lift up soul and body, mind and heart – with our prayers, with our thoughts, with all our weakness and wretchedness – for us to speak and lift up to Father.

Father, please forgive our sins, please forgive the sins of humanity, of all classes and all roles.

Until this century, mankind still has not understood, still has not believed, still has not matured, still has not experienced Your infinite love, still has not recognized the Divine Mercy that You have for us, especially when for love of mankind, You sacrificed Your only Son.

Today we celebrate the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Passion, His agonizing torture because of human iniquity that has caused the Heart of God the Father to shed tears.

His only Son has endured all the tortures that were caused by sin, by stubbornness and obstinacy.

Our Lord Jesus accepted it all, embraced it all.

There was only love and forgiveness, which led us to reconcile with God the Father.

It is because of the Lord Jesus Christ – with Him – for us to have this day. It is because of Him – with Him – for us to still exist until this century.

It is still a belief, a plea, and an opportunity for us to return.

There is yet another opportunity for us to recognize the great blessings, as we cannot remain silent, but we need to lift up words of thanksgiving, gratitude, and appreciation to God.

The words are very ordinary, but no word can compensate for what the Father has bestowed and given.

Father does not need polite and theoretical words. Father does not need nice words.

He only needs a contrite and repentant heart, a heart that speaks sincere words, confesses mistakes and apologizes, knows how to return, recognizes that a human condition is helpless, and only by the grace of Father, by His love, can one be sanctified and transformed.

O Father, we remain the same today, always the same.

We are weak, wretched people who sin easily.

Our bodies are weak, frail, fragile, and prone to falling into the lures of the world.

Everything is a challenge for us to get out of the circle that we still consider reality, the logic that mankind has always held onto, so there are certain laws that we cannot get away from.

Today, thanks to the prostration, in the days of earnestness, since we no longer have freedom in the days of the pandemic, we are more aware and more profound in what we need to do and what we must do.

We have nothing worthy – we only have the human form that Father has bestowed and created – with the wrongdoings, the aspirations of all immature things in life, no matter how many years we have had the doctrine that the Father has granted to us through the Lord Jesus.

Today, though too late, but God is always patient and waits for the return of mankind.

Father, please accept our earnest words and embrace the world in the plague of both soul and body.

Until this century, we have been fascinated and have let the era, money, fame control us – we have allowed radical science and technology to weigh heavily on us.

Mankind continues to be hardhearted and refuse.

Today, although a number of people are still immature, many have recognized the Supreme Lord, recognized the infinite Divine Mercy of the Father, recognized the Supreme Being who created heaven and earth, the mighty Supreme Being who has the power, the Supreme Being who can heal, the Supreme Being who can give, the Supreme Being who can destroy everything.

Today a number of people, though small, have completely returned in the prostration.

We believe that the love of the Father will be granted to sinners like us in repentance, and though the number of people is still very few, but Father is still the Lord who sees.

Even if only a number of people, they represent their city, their country, and surely Father also uses Divine Mercy to help us, to help people have the opportunity to return.

We continue to beseech, asking earnestly on behalf of all classes and roles, including our families, our relatives, people in our country, people speaking the same language as we do.

We are the brothers and sisters united to become the witnesses, the disciples of this era.

Although we have many weaknesses and shortcomings, looking at our fellowship today, we represent all the people to lift up to Father, to beseech Father, to confess our shortcomings and weaknesses, to ask Father for forgiveness.

Father, may Your holy will be done according to what You want, because You are a benevolent and loving Father – You have many ways and Your supremacy will be suitable to all classes, to all roles, and to us with the prayers we lift and beseech.

Father, we lift up a myriad of thanks to You.

Today we are bolder and braver and that is what we ask of You, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Thanks to the death of Jesus, thanks to His glorious, triumphal resurrection, thanks to the hope, we lift up to and beseech Father.

Please help us return to You, acknowledge You, recognize the doctrine that people have forgotten and abandoned from the beginning.

May we return to the only doctrine for us to rely on and have hope.

We praise You, we glorify You, and we thank You, the only Lord we worship, the only Supreme Lord, full of Divine Mercy, who gives us the opportunity, even though the plague of the soul has caused us to be indifferent, to nourish sin, to foster sin, to be stubborn, and to be blind.

However, we have the Father’s immeasurable love, the love of the Divine Mercy through generations, the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Father who has cleansed us with His Blood.

He has died and has risen.

Today, the resurrection for us in this century is a lighthearted rejoicing, the happiest support in this pandemic.

We do not ask for anything according to the will of mankind, but we ask for Your intention and Your holy will.

Everything from You is good for the world.

May Your will be done with what You want.

Father, please allow us to further experience Your boundless love.

May we recognize what we have committed, may we accept in joy, and may we be patient to wait for Your hour to come.

The love that You have given us helps us become better.

With our present viewpoint, we look with limited ways and we are afraid, but this fear is for us to ask for our soul to be saved.

The plague of the soul must be cured, must be eliminated for us to live in peace and happiness, and never recur with all that mankind is fighting for.

Mankind is living a life dominated by evil, by abandon, by selfishness, under the power of darkness.

Thus, today this pandemic is not a natural disaster, it is not the day when Father acts in justice, but is a man-made creation.

This is a plague that must be cured so that the world can be rescued, for each person to live in the peace and hope that the Lord Jesus has exchanged for us at the price of Blood with His death, so that today no one will be lost and no one can let us be alone and lost, and separate us in this situation.

O Lord, God, let us open our eyes wide to honor You, adore You, lift up to You on the first hour of Easter that we welcome, in the year 2020.

Father, allow us to represent all classes, all roles, in a state of deadlock.

Today we cannot attend Mass directly, but we attend Mass online.

Thanks to these moments we see the love of the family, the union.

We see the common threat that we are afraid and frightened of.

We see things that we cannot control or do much about with the coronavirus that has caused many people to die, and many are in their last hours.

The economy and society are in a state of crisis and there are still many tensions.

You are the only Supreme Being whom everyone lifts up to.

People start to open the eyes of faith to realize what is best that You grants.

In the most deadlocked situations, who can guide and bring us out? In this pandemic, who will help us with the sufferings? Father, please have mercy on us, please hear our prayers.

May Your holy will be done over the world of mankind, for us to embrace the doctrine of the Lord Jesus, Your Son, for us to rejoice because of His triumphal, glorious resurrection. Amen.

The Second Kowtow:

We respectfully lift up to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Risen One, the Supreme Being who brings His joy, hope.

His glory has illuminated the world.

He is the King whom God the Father has granted, for Him to be the King raised from the dead, the King who brings peace to humanity.

We first encountered the Lord Jesus through the holy Apostles who represented the world, who were the lowly and humble human beings in the earthly life.

He loved and chose them to evangelize the Good News, for them to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, testify to the atrocious death when mankind killed its Savior, testify to the extraordinary and wondrous deeds that the Lord Jesus did, and testify to the resurrection of the Supreme Lord full of might, who grants us faith to belong to Him with the eternal doctrine, to save us in the life of the truth.

O Lord Jesus Christ, please accept our earnest prayers.

It is joy and happiness that You grant to us today and You still grant.

For generations and a lifetime, today we have the opportunity to be aware of and to recognize that Easter is very important to us.

Easter has given us many concepts, particularly in the pandemic that has claimed many human lives.

We have lost our freedom, we are under a quarantine with a fearful pandemic, but in the end that has helped us understand and reflect on the days we had freedom.

The breath, the air – all belong to the Lord Jesus who exchanged at the price of Blood for us to live in a world of peace, happiness, and freedom.

But ultimately, due to sin, selfishness, ambition, the lack of love for fellow human beings, division between men, the ways men seek to destroy each other for money, fame, position, so today a terrible pandemic controls mankind and many countries, many nations.

May everyone open their eyes to understand what is happening.

In the past what did we believe in? How have we lived and what have we done? Together we are witnessing today how, in our human condition, there is nothing human beings can find themselves, apart from the grace of God, apart from the doctrine of God, apart from the Supreme Being who died for the whole of humanity and gave us life, with a doctrine to protect us, for us to live in happiness and peace.

O Lord Jesus Christ, we cannot list the misery of mankind.

The offenses mankind commits to God will never cease, because mankind always lives a life of shortsightedness, blinded by sin – a life in which we are not yet mature, so we can never respond, even only a little, in return for the great work in which God has died for us.

God has granted us everything and He accepted that agony in exchange for us to have life today.

God has set an example for the whole of humanity. God has taught us love and solidarity. God has taught us a doctrine for us to be protected.

It is the mighty Supreme Lord, the Supreme Lord full of power, the Supreme Lord who gives us life, the Supreme Lord who has practiced and set an example for us.

Today there are many ordeals, many challenges.

We are living in a situation with the pandemic.

We have never faced the plague from the soul to the body, for us to understand what we must be determined to do, for us to overcome the plague that has made us live a life of greed, selfishness, personal rights, ambition, which has led us into a horrible state and has caused our life to be threatened by a pandemic.

It does not end here – there will be many more events.

If there is no death, if there is no tension, we would not stop to look at what we need to understand, to recognize what belongs to the human world; to selfishness, to greed, to fame and fortune, to a life of evildoing as we were controlled by the devil.

O Lord, please help us understand that You come to free us.

We cannot free ourselves.

We are tied with the limitation from our shortsighted viewpoint that lacks faith, to rely solely on things of reality.

Today, because of money and ambition, because of all the problems in a world in which mankind competes out of jealousy, the frivolity of authority has led us into this situation.

Today, though the number of people who awaken is indeed small, the number of people who open their eyes is not.

There are a number of people who understand where the truth is, where God is, where the world of wickedness is.

Indeed, this situation has opened the eyes of mankind, in all classes, all roles, and all nations.

God, please help everyone stand up at this time, stand up to be resurrected with God, stand up to get out of the darkness with death that we have been controlled by for so long, because we have nourished it, we have let it attack us to the point of exhaustion as in this day.

God, please help all classes and all roles return with an earnest heart in repentance, and recognize how much God has done for us.

God has endured excruciating pain for us and God has redeemed us.

Today let us return boldly – let us not allow all that God has done to become meaningless for our spiritual and physical life in this present situation.

God has given us wisdom in knowledge, God has given us the identity of a human being in His image – He gave us a heart to distinguish, a mind to choose.

God has given us the wisdom to learn, to know what is true, what is false, what is vague in a life of limitations.

Please help us.

Through many experiences, through many days, we are sinners, the soldiers of the past.

There are many people who are representatives in the national ranks and those who wear the garment to become shepherds, but they have become the scribes and Pharisees of the past, and in this age, they have caused us to lose everything in the truth that we need, with the truth that God alone brings.

Today, one more time, God reminds us of 2020.

It has been over 2,000 years.

This is a year when we see a mark that never happened in the course of history and never happened to the Church.

What is God reminding us? God grants us the graces for us to be awakened, to not let it be too late and too tardy.

May we return in unity and mature, for us to have the opportunity to be reborn and have life again.

The Lord Jesus has gloriously risen, particularly in a situation of stress and disease.

O Lord Jesus Christ, we worship You, we honor You for Your great love, for Your patience, for Your mercy.

You alone are the Supreme Being who forgives. You alone are the Supreme Judge of justice.

Today You are helping us, You are protecting us, You are making us deeply aware of Yourself, so that we may believe in You, so that we do not fear in the midst of an enticing life.

No matter the pressure of the pandemic, no matter the control and other problems, the truth is that God is the Supreme Victor.

Whoever belongs to Him will triumph.

Whoever sacrifices one’s life, because of the truth, because the Lord Jesus Christ will live – whoever risks one’s life to testify to the truth will live, and live in glory and joy with Him.

Whoever fears for one’s life and backs down with all the difficulties one faces, then will die.

Those people are cowards in the face of death – they do not believe enough, they let the world control them.

But what good is it with things from below? Things from below are deceit, abuse – a life that today has a common answer for the world.

God has given us life, but it is mankind that is eliminating one another, between men, seeking every means to destroy the doctrine of love that God grants – the doctrine of  solidarity – for one’s own personal gain, for one’s own personal interests, for the positions to which mankind has aspired.

That aspiration has become an ambition, and that ambition has killed the conscience and has killed many innocent and righteous people.

God will never be silent.

He comes to save us – He has the authority to let us know what is right, what is wrong, what will bring us death, what we do to end up with the pandemic, and what is the peace and happiness we have and need.

O Lord, today is the first day of Easter, I represent all the brothers and sisters.

We have always prayed to God after attending Sunday Mass.

Today we cannot come to the church – we do not have the opportunity to be together, but like every day, in silence, each one of us, we lift up to God with fervent words from our hearts, to pray to God, to repent, and to remind ourselves so that we are not afraid.

But when we face the pandemic, will we still be calm enough in that moment? Will we be able to continue in perseverance and faithfulness to God? Have we truly lived a life that completely belonged to God? Have we practiced what God taught us?

That is the most important thing to us.

Today we know that God grants us faith.

Every time we pray, we pray with ordinary words, we lift up our sinful and weak condition, our soul and body.

Daily, we prostrate – to profess, on behalf of all classes, all roles, our brothers, sinners like us; to lift up to God.

Indeed, praying this way has given us more strength, more courage.

We continue to lift up to God, like the gift that we need daily – to lift up our voice to thank God, to lift up our gratitude, our appreciation to God.

Today we rejoice that the day has come.


The resurrection of God made us feel at peace. The resurrection of God made us rejoice in hope. The resurrection of God is like something that saves us in the dark days, in the days people are stressed and fearful.

It is an inexplicable spirituality.

Certainly God will not be silent with those who call on His Name.

We believe that no matter what we encounter in the world, whether failure or suffering, God is still our hope.

God is still the Lord of love. God is still the Lord who saves us from death.

God still seeks ways to help us out of the darkness that is caused by mankind, between men and fellow human beings.

God is the just Supreme Being.

He always gives hope, to everyone, in every situation, except for the people who separate themselves from Him and the obstinate and stubborn people who refuse Him.

It is up to mankind to choose.

God brings peace, God brings love – God gives us hope, God gives us life in the promise that He grants.

This is the happiest day when we are in a state of deadlock, disease, fear.

O Lord, I worship You, I honor You, I praise You, I glorify You.

God, please hear our prayers, our words of repentance, and our thanksgiving for what You give us in this century.

There is no time like this time, when we recognize that human beings are nothing, that science and technology cannot solve the problem, that those who have power cannot do anything, and those who have money cannot buy either.

Only one thing is needed: our heart needs to return – to distinguish between good and evil, to recognize the Supreme Lord who has died for us, to recognize the meaning of the glorious resurrection of God, who brings us hope in the pandemic; the plague of the soul, the plague of the body.

God, please help us to say yes. God, please help us to be brave, to admit our sins.

May we return, because when we return to God we are happy and peaceful.

Only when we return to God will we see that this life is meaningful and worthwhile.

Only when we return to the truth that God has granted us through His death can we be happy today, and be with Him in the triumphal, glorious resurrection.

We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen.

The Third Kowtow:

We respectfully offer to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the love, the light, the truth, the way, to guide us and to help us clearly distinguish.

Today we have lifted earnest prayers to God the Father, the Supreme Being who loves mankind immeasurably, the Lord Almighty, the patient Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who granted us life through Jesus, His only Son.

Jesus is the Supreme Being who sacrificed His own life, who sacrificed His entire life, who sacrificed all that is good.

The great Prince of heaven who came into this world to take on human nature, to live with mankind, to love, to teach mankind forgiveness.

He accepted death to redeem the sins of the whole of humanity, to give mankind the doctrine from His practice, which was the shining example, the great foundation, for us to still exist.

Through the Church, He is the Supreme Being who gives us everything that is best – the most glorious, the most magnificent, the most solemn for us to contemplate when we attend Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica.

We have never seen any other place like this.

Even in a civilized world, to this day, there is no other place that can be compared to this place with its ancient rites.

The Basilica is a solemn place to celebrate Mass, a solemn place for us to contemplate the Eucharist of Jesus, a place where the people who represent God, guide and lead the flock everywhere, in all regions, all countries, to surrender and return to the only doctrine that is a doctrine of love, truth, righteousness, and justice; a doctrine of compassion and forgiveness; a doctrine of peace; a doctrine for which the Lord Jesus has sacrificed at the price of Blood.

The Holy Spirit is the truth, love, light, life, and hope for all of us, in every part of the country, for every Christian, for everyone in the world, but the acceptance and rejection depends on mankind’s decision.

He is the Lord who waits for people to accept and cooperate – then that will become the justice and doctrine to lead us in the midst of life, no matter what the circumstance, because only the truth leads us onto a path of hope, serenity, and peace.

The Holy Spirit is the love of God the Father, united to Jesus through death, to bring us life.

That liveliness is the Holy Spirit, the spirituality that dwells with us.

Insight, wisdom, and clarity come from the Holy Spirit alone.

It is the Holy Spirit who taught us to lift up to God the Father, the Holy Spirit who taught us faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit who is the mediator who guides and helps mankind to rise to God, and helps mankind to understand the lofty spirituality in faith that belongs to heaven.

O Holy Spirit, what is between good and evil is very clear in this world.

With all that is the best of this world, with all that is reasonable and rational in the world, with extraordinary and wonderful deeds, the Holy Spirit alone is the Supreme Being who enlightens us, to help us distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong, to identify all that belongs to us in the salvation of the Lord Jesus, to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit as the mediator, to guide us to God the Father, to make peace between heaven and earth, to help us on the paths of holiness, to embrace all that is good in the doctrine that we need to practice.

The Holy Spirit is everything to guide each one of us to become a person of righteousness.

Only He can help us to live in the truth, to know the truth, and to live a sincere life.

O Holy Spirit, in countless days of mistakes and sins, enticed by a civilized, sophisticated, and alluring world, mankind lives in pleasure, insubordination, rebellion.

For countless days, mankind has disobeyed and followed a free, rational society.

Year after year, mankind continues to argue, to divide.

There is no unity.

Mankind does not unanimously recognize the only Supreme Being whom everyone needs to believe in, the only Supreme Being whom everyone needs to worship and know.

Instead, mankind splits up and divides itself.

Why? Because people do not unite, because they do not follow the way that God has wanted from them.

Each person has a personal talent, but we lack humility.

We always lift ourselves up according to our way, then from there we lose our brothers, we lose the strength given by God, we lose what comes from the solidarity of love, and our life is isolated and segregated.

We allow the enemy to easily control us, we allow the enemy to easily influence us.

Israel is a country God has chosen – He was born in Bethlehem, Israel, and the neighboring countries were the first to receive the Gospel.

They were the people who knew first, but ultimately, to this century, they still do not have real peace, they still live in days of tension, as we know the truth today.

Indeed there is much bitterness, because the Jewish people are the wisest, the smartest, and today there are those who completely belong to God and live for God, but there are also those who completely oppose God, who remain in the darkness to weave and do many things to control the world in the present evil.

These are things that, when confronted, then certainly they will not let others continue and exist.

However, all the truths will not forever be hidden, for the Holy Spirit is the omniscient One who enlightens everyone to see the truth, to know the truth, to live in the truth, and to return to the truth.

If we have not yet reached that point, then the world is still at war, still suffers, still mourns – with pandemics, with tragedies, with bleak and gridlocked days.

O Holy Spirit, please open the way for us.

Today, indeed, is a frightening pandemic, but from this pandemic mankind realizes that, in our human condition, we are helpless when the events happen.

The only thing is that we must recognize God, the Supreme Being who gave us life, the Supreme Being who gave us breath, the Supreme Being who gave us the air.

Today countless people may die if they lack air or if they are infected by the breathing of those with symptoms.

A human life is truly frail if without the blessing from God, if without the grace that is poured down, if without the Creator guarding and protecting, if without the Holy Spirit enlightening and guiding, if without the Lord Jesus sacrificing for us to live today.

All things belong to God. Everything comes from God and belongs to God.

When God allows, then that is done.

If God takes back then we must die; everyone dies.

God does not punish us for our sins, for generations, God wants our hearts to repent.

God wants us to mature in what belongs to us from God who gives and grants.

God wants us to see and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, through His death – especially in the past Holy Week, especially this year, which is a year when we are totally gridlocked, quarantined, in a crisis – for us to see more clearly what belongs to us and what God grants.

May the Holy Spirit enlighten and guide us, for today’s world to mature.

In every class, in every role, may the Holy Spirit help us.

Through the days of this pandemic, may we find ourselves again, may we find the gentle heart that has love, may we find the life of holiness.

May we have a basis, for us not to destroy ourselves, sell ourselves short, be selfish, greedy, with a life focused on position, money, ambition, lust, and many things that have caused us to perish and lose what is most precious.

O Holy Spirit, please help us and help the world.

Everyone must awaken, must stand up, must recognize that this is the time when they must return to be born again in the Holy Spirit.

Mankind must have the eyes of faith that clearly rely on the Holy Spirit’s strength for mankind to find the truth of truth.

Today, Holy Spirit, please open the eyes, the soul, the heart, for everyone to recognize one’s mission, one’s condition.

Each person, each class, each role: do not be selfish in one’s own way, do not be greedy and ambitious, do not live those nonsense days, for our life to be absorbed and fall into even more terrible pandemics, when we still are not aware and conscious.

This is the time for all of us to recognize the graces bestowed on us, to recognize that we ourselves destroy what is the best.

O Holy Spirit, let us learn how to avoid sin, deny sin, lessen sin.

Please help us distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong, between true and false, for us to use the mind given by God, to use our determination for us to not continue to be wrong.

May we not be stubborn, rebellious, dishonest, to live in days of disobedience, for us to end up with even more ordeals than today’s pandemic.

May we see the value of a human life, the value of spirituality, the value of life, the value of unity, the value of solidarity, and the value of faith.

Let us live in the truth, live professing faith, live a life of meaning.

The doctrine has been granted to us through the death of the Lord Jesus, His Blood, His glorious resurrection, and the joy and happiness of this day.

To the world it is a lateness, it is a tardiness, but to God it is a beginning.

Let us always hope in Him, run to Him, and become humble children.

We will see hope beginning with us today, the hope of having the Holy Spirit, for us to become strong, to become brave, for the hope of understanding to increase in our life, when we awaken from the plague of both soul and body.

Holy Spirit, please open our souls, our eyes, our hardened hearts.

Please help us to mature and return to God in faith, for everything of this day and for the return to be more meaningful, to have the depth of a maturer understanding, through more determination, and for the doctrine to be practiced more in our life.

We worship God, praise God, and glorify God.

Holy Spirit, please help us.

May God be with us and accept our gratitude, our appreciation, our thanksgiving.

No matter how many generations – though stubborn, though sinful – yet the Holy Spirit is always willing to help us to return to the righteous path.

He is always ready to listen to what we earnestly pray for, so that we return to holiness.

He always teaches and helps us return to the God of love, because He is love, He is the light, He is the truth to help us on the way back – on the path of repentance, surrender, prostration, proclamation, to recognize our condition of weakness and helplessness apart from God.

Let us accept the complete gridlock in life.

No matter what desire or thinking we have, it completely fails with the pandemic, with a life in which we have fallen into a situation that has never happened before, but is happening in the midst of this world.

Nonetheless, we recognize God, we feel God, we turn to God, and we believe in God.

Please do not let us be foolish once again, because if today’s pandemic frightens us, then what about the plague that also claims our soul, and we no longer have the opportunity for us to continue to pray, or have the opportunity such as today?

God, please help us. God, please save us. God, please have mercy and forgive us.

May God heal our soul and body, for us to return to God, to lift up thanks to God, to lift up the glorious resurrection day of the Lord Jesus Christ, for us to rejoice and be happy, to praise, honor, and thank, with the fervent words that we lift up with the Third Kowtow.

We lift up a multitude of thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Please light up the fire of faith for everyone in the world. Please light up the fire of faith for our Church, for solidarity. Please light up the fire for every layperson to return, repent, recognize, perform, and practice in the truth that God has especially granted to us and to the whole world.

We thank the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Fourth Kowtow:

We respectfully lift up to the Body and Blood of Christ.

O Body and Blood of Lord Jesus Christ, it is the existing truth today that enables us to recognize where the spiritual place of encounter is. That is the Eucharistic Jesus.

The Supreme Being who instituted the Blessed Sacrament before His death – it is the Lord Jesus who granted us an immense treasure, a covenant, an encounter with mankind.

He has granted mankind His Body, His Blood, for us to be nourished daily in life, with the meaning with which we are blessed through Mass.

O Eucharistic Jesus, no matter how the world changes, no matter how stressful the pandemic is, the Eucharistic Jesus still dwells with us, still remains with us and continues to give us the opportunity to contemplate Him, to receive Him, though not directly, but still spiritually.

O Eucharistic Jesus, You are the Supreme Being who gives us the spirituality that no one can prevent.

Only faith is needed.

Wherever we are, no matter what the situation, we are still the children who can meet Him, for He is the light, the love, the truth – spiritually present and in our midst everywhere.

O Eucharistic Jesus, why do we mention this today? We profess this, because this is true in this world.

God has come and has manifested. God has given us the opportunity to contemplate His great glory.

Today it is time.

This century must open its eyes.

His promise remains until the end of history, until the end of the age, as God once said: Go and proclaim the Good News. I remain with you every day until the end of the age and Come to me, you who are burdened, for My yoke is light and gentle. Come to Me, those who are burdened, I will support you.

We are the people in the world, with many burdens, with many things that we still do not understand and do not know.

We are the human beings who surely have both spiritual and physical illnesses.

How many times have we come to receive the blessing? How many times has God granted to us? Sadly, we easily forget, easily betray, easily refuse.

We only remember God when we are in serious trouble, when we face disasters.

We remember God when our bodies are broken and sick, but God is still the Lord who accepts and gives us the graces when we run to Him.

Today the terrible pandemic is spreading all over.

Who visits? Who comes to grant peace? Who remains?

It is the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today the priests know that only this spiritual sacrament can save, support, protect, comfort the sick, the dying, and those who are falling into the pandemic.

They are the innocents, they are the victims, they are the sinners, and Jesus loves them all equally.

However, we can only experience this when we belong to God. When we do not belong to God, then our conscience has the answer for us.

God still visits us, God still gives us the opportunity to meet Him.

God always wants to meet us.

The Blessed Sacrament is a miraculous sacrament, a mysterious sacrament, an inexplicable sacrament of God’s love for mankind, and that lofty spirituality has given us the strength.

It is a fulcrum, a great sacrament, a solemn sacrament, a sacrament in which we worship the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being who remains with us.

The Blessed Sacrament is an emblematic reminder for us to still meet Him.

The Blessed Sacrament makes us happy and deeply thankful to God.

We praise and glorify God through the resurrection.

Especially today – Jesus granted to us before His death, and after He completed the program He returned to God, but He remains with us in the spiritual realm and is present.

I thank God for giving us the opportunity today, for us to rely on the Eucharistic Jesus.

Our faith begins to stir, our faith begins to mature, and because of this we can recognize the riches that the Eucharistic Jesus has executed, and the grace the Eucharistic Jesus has granted.

The Eucharistic Jesus still grants us the encounter by the light, to illuminate in the dark night, to illuminate when we set ourselves down in the darkness, to remind with a gentle and tender love when we are sick.

May the Eucharistic Jesus allow us to continue to draw near to Him.

May we witness for Him and contemplate the graces He has granted to us, helping us on the path of preparation, on the path of witness.

God has granted us the wonder to hear His voice.

That voice is still given to each person, to each sinner, to all who seek Him in all functions, all classes.

He is the Supreme Being who keeps the promise.

May we look to our fate, and live in a spirit of thanksgiving to God, in a spirit of gratitude to God, in a spirit of repentance, for the countless sins we have committed and, so, offended God.

The Eucharistic Jesus – He is still meek and humble, and silently waits for sinners like us.

But the time has come, as He said, I stay with you every day until the end of the age. The words “the end of the age” came from the lips of Jesus.

Today He still waits for us.

Unfortunately, from our own doing, we are heading for the end of the world because disobedience, rebellion, unrighteousness, unruliness, deceit, and wickedness have commanded us.

It is the apocalypse before our eyes, the apocalypse of the days with the pandemic – the apocalypse of the days when people have been too shaken; the apocalypse because we have been controlled by the devil; the apocalypse because we are facing the painful ordeals created between men with the pandemic.

May the Eucharistic Jesus save us, free us.

May we wait for the hour of His decision, and not the hour of mankind’s decision or the hour of our fellow human beings’ decision.

The Eucharistic Jesus is the light, the truth of truth.

Please help us stand up, help us reject wickedness, help us awaken and return – as God said: Come to Me, you who are burdened, for My yoke is light and gentle.

We are human beings in this world, heavily burdened by selfishness, by greed, by the needs that we rush to take care of, money, fame, pleasure.

We have forgotten everything that is in the life of the doctrine and morality.

We often spend all our time worrying about the livelihoods and the needs of a human life.

We forget what is needed in the life of the spirit, the life of the soul, so God has been forsaken, God has been forgotten, God has been treated so poorly.

Mankind has gravely offended God, neglected God, disrespected God.

Mankind lived a life of contempt and disregarded the words Jesus has granted for centuries, the remaining that Jesus has granted, and the encounter as He allowed us to receive Him into our hearts.

The Eucharistic Jesus has endured for centuries. His patience, when the hands of those whom He has chosen are not pure enough to celebrate Mass.

There are countless laypeople like us who have committed sins many times, who were unworthy, but have received Communion and have forced God to enter souls that reeked of the stench of sin, which He had to endure.

God has spoken and He wanted us to understand.

He waits to help us step out of our sins.

He is waiting to support us when we are in distress.

He is waiting to help us in the pandemic.

But how many people understand this? How many people are mature to recognize this? How many people can absolutely trust?

Thus our life is adrift, lonely, easily shaken by the circumstances, easily lured, so we fall into a state of greed, and eventually life becomes meaningless, as today.

We seek to accumulate wealth, to follow our will, to live selfishly, but today the hoarding of that money and that selfishness become meaningless with the events that are happening in today’s world.

May God help us through this experience, even at a loss, for the soul to be saved.

No matter the illness of the body, or the money we lose, it is an experience for us to realize that we still can survive, that we still can decide, we still can choose.

God, please help us.

Wealth, fame, and vanity are fleeting and ephemeral.

May we readjust our life, to recognize and cherish what is most needed, to follow the doctrine that God has given, for us to live a life of peace, of happiness; a life in which we are not ashamed with our heart, not ashamed with our conscience, and not ashamed with the Supreme Being who has died for us and who remains with us through His Body and Blood.

The Eucharistic Jesus – we unite to thank Him for His resurrection, to recall the great work when He instituted the Blessed Sacrament.

We thank Him, we praise Him.

When we end up sick, when we are in despair, when we are in misery, He comes to visit us.

He has visited each patient.

He has heard the plea, the groan, the crying.

He walks with all of us when we believe and we pray.

We know His love.

He does not reject anyone.

He always respects each person.

He never refuses anyone who seeks Him, prays to Him, and calls on Him.

But mankind does not believe and has chased God away many times.

God comes to knock at the door to comfort us, to lead us, to embrace us when we encounter sufferings and illnesses, yet we did not believe, we were obstinate, we have let our soul be controlled by position, by money, by selfishness, by stubbornness, by betrayal.

Today we have the opportunity to see what the gentle gestures are, the gestures that are the source of happiness when we are isolated or quarantined, or in the last hours of our life.

Through the pandemic may each person mature, especially the pastors and priests.

The Eucharistic Jesus is always with them.

Because their hands are consecrated, because God gives priests the right to be close, to hold the monstrance, to bring the monstrance to everyone who is sick from the pandemic, who is desperately in need of comfort, in need of love through a visitation, in need of the healing of both soul and body.

May the priests understand this meaning, to bring the Eucharistic Jesus out, to take the Eucharistic Jesus for everyone to know and recognize.

Please do not close the door of the chapel forever, please do not leave Him alone, please do not let Him wait, please do not let Him forever be the Lord who yearns and waits patiently until the very end.

His children have fallen into the pandemic. His own pastors were not courageous enough to take Him outside – His pastors whom He chose.

He has died.

It is through the pastors, for His death to be glorified.

The glorious resurrection has been the strength, in the illuminating light, but He is still the Supreme Being who remains hidden in the Host.

A small Host, but full of the meaning of compassion and love – full of meanings.

Through that Host, Jesus wants to meet each person, each sinner, each person whom He gives the opportunity to experience, to be close to Him.

May all the people with functions, especially in this day and age, recognize what Jesus wants and greatly yearns from them.

Because Jesus has been locked up in the tabernacle for a long time – few people came to visit Him.

He has waited in the monstrance, but mankind was indifferent.

Today the chapel is closed.

There is no adoration and no Communion either.

May we look at that to think carefully, to see what we have not cherished and what we have done, so as to completely grieve and disappoint God.

Today God still wants to come to us.

He needs the hands of the priests – He needs the hearts to recognize and believe, to boldly take the Eucharistic Jesus outside, because the Eucharistic Jesus wants to be with the laypeople, with the priests, with the sick, and with all His sheep.

O Eucharistic Jesus, please forgive our sins, forgive the pastors who because of their ministries, have been too busy and were rarely concerned with the Eucharistic Jesus, to remind us to spend time in adoration, to come close to God.

Today, through this pandemic, may the priests of God love the Eucharistic Jesus, love deeply, and spend time with the Eucharistic Jesus.

Because only with moments spent with Him can the priests become holier, more virtuous, more responsible in life, and have a greater sense of responsibility.

What is of this day is not from our spontaneous understanding, but the Eucharistic Jesus has given countless messages.

He has come to the children to confide in them, to give them His messages and teachings.

Today is a clear answer about what belongs to the Eucharistic Jesus. It is time. He wants to let everyone know. It is time. He has been locked up so long.

Mankind has seriously offended Him. It is time – indeed, when we awaken then God is no longer with us. (3)

As in the First Reading as well as the Gospel, on the evening of the Last Supper, we have been reminded: Call upon the Lord when He is with you. Do not wait till the Lord is gone for you to pray – then it is too late.

Today, let us boldly believe, let us boldly witness what God has done, to receive the light that God grants.

Let us boldly meet the Lord Jesus Christ through the Eucharist, because He has promised, He has remained.

He still waits for us.

May we have a spirit of reverence, thanksgiving, gratitude, respect, for us to respectfully lift up to God, to respond to His waiting, to His remaining, and to His bestowing.

We deeply apologize to the Eucharistic Jesus.

God, please forgive us, in all classes and all roles.

It is in these moments that we experience the insight that the Holy Spirit reminds us, for us to understand more about the Eucharistic Jesus.

What matters most is that we are ungrateful, we refuse, we let Him be lonely, we let Him be greatly offended.

Today, God, please help us to overcome this pandemic.

May we be by His side. May we be close to Him. May we profess Him. May we adore Him. May we thank Him, in return for the great graces that He bestows and grants to us in this world.

We praise God, we glorify God, we honor the Eucharistic Jesus.

Please come to us and teach us.

May we know what He wants us to do to compensate for the days of indifference, to compensate for the days of disrespect, to compensate for the days of rejection, to compensate for the days we were unworthy when we received Him.

May God forgive us, for us to return to a life that belongs to Him, to deserve to have Him remain with us, to be nourished by His Body and Blood, to have His presence, for us to receive, attend Mass, and be blessed by Him, for Him to give us hope so that we may always live in joy, live with a support in faith.

We worship God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen.

The Fifth Kowtow:

We respectfully offer the Five Holy Signs (4).

O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, today is a day of joy, rejoicing, happiness, because we have witnessed your glorious resurrection.

This year, 2020, like every year, we celebrate Easter, but surely this year is a year that seals in our soul and body a notion that will never be forgotten.

A pandemic has frightened us, but at this moment we celebrate Easter as the light of hope that has shined over each of our souls.

The Five Holy Signs become the meaning that we have forgotten and neglected for a long time.

Today, may we mature when we lift up our thanksgiving to the Five Holy Signs – the Five Holy Signs of love, the Five Holy Signs of grace, the Five Holy Signs of Divine Mercy, the Five Holy Signs of a confident strength.

The Five Holy Signs have granted to us and brought us into His love. The Five Holy Signs deliver us when our soul and body are affected by the plague.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, indeed, regarding the sufferings of these past few days, there is nothing more to explain, because God has accepted agonizing pains, to die to redeem us.

The Five Holy Signs clearly prove the love of God.

What do the Five Holy Signs say to each one of us and, through these signs, what belongs to us in regards to our spiritual life? It is Jesus who decides what those Five Holy Signs grant to each person and to each sinner.

The Five Holy Signs are the marks of His excruciating suffering, and ultimately, He conquered death to possess life.

The triumphant glory is granted to us, so that is the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that God wants us to have in life.

God wants us to live and we must recognize what belongs to us. God wants to give us the great and immense reward of the eternal life that He has granted to us through the Five Holy Signs.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Signs, we worship, praise, and honor, with the love of the Divine Mercy with which You have led us to God the Father with the First Holy Sign.

We honor and adore the only Supreme Being whom we worship; the only Supreme Being, the Lord of love and Divine Mercy whom our soul and body plead to surrender to, prostrate to, and return to.

The Second Holy Sign is the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must believe and we must not deny everything He has done to bring life to the world of mankind, and hope in the midst of the present pandemic.

For every plague of the soul, there is still hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, with a faith that belongs to Him.

If we have faith we will overcome all trials, even pandemics.

But when our faith is weak and shaken, then we still stumble and suffer, and we will face stressful situations, despite what we possess in the world.

Even with wealth and fame, if we lose faith then we live with meaningless days and we live days lost in a world without a support.

Wealth and fame and fortune will pass, but what is left is the eternal life of our souls.

It was written in the Gospel: God the Father so loved mankind that He sacrificed His only begotten Son to redeem mankind. Whoever believes in His Son will live forever.

Until this century, this has been repeated over and over, which has become a habit, and people are still the people of a civilized century with many arguments that cannot be removed.

Mankind still does not believe and still cannot recognize – and still does not have enough faith to live with life as God has promised and granted.

Jesus, the Second Person of God, does not ask for anything from mankind.

God has done everything for us to live.

We simply need to believe for us to live meaningfully with a life of righteousness, which He exchanged at the price of Blood to grant to us, for us to receive.

God, please help us.

If everyone in the world could believe and understand, there would be no pandemic today, there would be no war, there would be no fighting, there would be no ambition.

Unfortunately, everything is reversed and in contrast to the life God granted, because we have asked for it.

May we believe in Jesus, our Savior, our Redeemer, the Supreme Being who gloriously resurrected, so that through the most painful moments, the most disappointing moments, the most failed moments, and during this pandemic, we may rely on Jesus who is the hope – to save us, to deliver us, to let us recognize that His love is always close to us and accompanies us, in every path of life, in every situation.

O God, we only know to ask.

When we ask for what belongs to us in order to be set free and forgiven of our sins, then we need to repay for what we committed according to justice.

We sow evil deeds, but we do not want to be responsible for what we do.

We come to God to ask in our wretched, weak, and foolish way in the life of the lower world.

As for all that is good and lofty, then we lack understanding and are very shortsighted.

In this moment may we realize our blindness and weakness.

Let us ask God to help us to love Him, to understand everything that God does, for us to accept everything, to thank God for accompanying us, to thank God for helping us mature, to thank God for helping us recognize.

Let us thank God for helping us accept Him, for us to see God remaining with us, walking with us, accompanying us.

God grants us everything.

May we experience that love, for us to live rightly, and live accordingly, which is to live with a conscience and return with our conscience in the truth.

May we live and return in a mature way, to deserve the glorious resurrection that God has granted, to bring us back from darkness, to live with Him forever and ever in heaven.

Jesus, it is thanks to God that we have and receive and recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, the Third Holy Sign, leads us into the doctrine, the truth.

Without the Holy Spirit, we have eyes but are as if blind, we have ears but are as if deaf, we have a heart that never has the beat of love, and we live in selfishness, to end up with what is happening today.

Holy Spirit, please help us – teach us wisdom and enlightenment.

Please guide us to understand the meaning of today’s resurrection, in the situation with the pandemic as we celebrate the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ through days of trials and ordeals, in return for us to have life today.

May that value be realized in the life of present faith and hope, when we are in despondence and despair.

Please help us, for us to know to say thanks, to know to be grateful, and to lift everything up in the holy will of God.

God, please do what is best in Your will, for us to always be obedient, for our life to no longer follow our own way and our own decision, which causes us to continue to be wrong and to end up with the terrible pandemics as we faced and are facing in our life.

O God, today, what we have, our faith, helps us to see the grace that is poured down through the Eucharistic Jesus, the one and only Supreme Being.

May we encounter spirituality with an existing faith.

Thanks to the Eucharistic Jesus, mankind has hope.

In this time, we recognize that the Eucharistic Jesus has been with us, has walked with us, and has endured with us for generations.

Today we cannot follow the viewpoint or the way of life of mankind, to continue to live in treachery and rejection.

Let us forever belong to God and follow His holy will. Let us love the Eucharistic Jesus.

May we recompense for the days when we rejected Him.

Let us live a true life, when we know that He is with us and never betrays us.

He promised us, so He has performed and He has been faithful to His promise.

He always loves us, wants to be with us, lives with us, and accompanies us, even with the present, severe pandemic.

The Eucharistic Jesus is a holy Supreme Being, the celestial divine Being who is.

He is the light to help us to rise in faith, and to help us understand the existing spirituality close to us, but we have refused countless times, so today from that rejection we have the answer.

Because we rejected God, today we face the pandemic, we end up with disappointment and failure.

We have seen how everything we chose turns out to be illusions, in a life in which we lose all hope, all prospects, then we end up lonely and lost, and we end our own life through the deaths of freedom, pleasure, selfishness, greed, and the common plague of strife.

May we return to the meek Supreme Being through the Eucharist, the divine Supreme Being who waits in the Host, full of meanings, with His presence and His promise.

God, please help us, in all classes, all roles, for our life to forever belong to You and forever profess You.

The Supreme Lord whom we worship, whom we believe in – we pray to belong to Him, the celestial, divine Being, the divine Supreme Being, who is lively, who helps us to be strong and courageous, and recognize the Lord full of power.

The divine Sacrament is symbolized by the Fourth Holy Sign, which mankind cannot refuse, cannot separate from, cannot disrespect.

Mankind needs this sacrament in the spiritual life, which is what we presently have and forever belongs to us.

But it is in these moments that we see the loneliness and the failure, and we wish, but we no longer have the opportunity.

May we return sooner, to ask God to allow us to receive Him into our hearts.

We are at His side, at the side of the Lord who is the healer of both soul and body, a physician who gives us the opportunity to be at His side, at any moment, in any situation.

He is the Lord, but He never differentiates between the good or the wretched.

He always welcomes everyone, for our life to always rely on the Lord who remains with us through His Eucharist.

We worship God, we praise God, we glorify God.

Please accept our gratitude and appreciation.

We thank the love of God, the gentle, tender love of God, the support that helps us in this life.

We are truly helpless, truly weak, but thanks to His presence that reminds us, with that tender love, for us to stand up, for us to have a source of comfort to believe and to be protected from the plague of the body and soul.

God, please come to us.

God, please have mercy on us.

God, please forgive our days of rejection.

God, please forgive our days of unworthiness, the days living in iniquity, receiving You into our heart, with the stench of our sins that have grieved You.

Please help us so that we can make up with today’s Easter.

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Second Person of God, the resurrection and the vitality of the Eucharistic Jesus, has given us the faith, light, closeness, and has taught us to be reborn in the Eucharistic Jesus, for Him to cover us.

He is the great treasure that humanity cannot neglect, and needs to return to, with reverence, worship, devotion, and proclamation.

God alone is the Supreme Being who gives us the light, gives us the truth, gives us the encounter in faith and the conviction that the Lord Jesus left 2,000 years ago.

We thank God, we praise God.

We honor the Eucharistic Jesus, we worship the Eucharistic Jesus.

We must have the Holy Spirit, for only with the Holy Spirit can we understand the mystery of God.

It is thanks to the mystery, for us to recognize the love of God the Father and His boundless mercy, recognize our Savior, recognize our Redeemer, recognize the faith we need, recognize the sacrament that nourishes our soul and body.

We acknowledge the Five Holy Signs, and we apologize as we recognize that is the Fourth Holy Sign, and we have a better understanding of the mystery of the Eucharistic Jesus.

We thank God. We praise God.

Thanks to the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to know what we have and understand and be clearer for us to come in a spirit of gratitude, worship, respect, repentance.

He is the celestial Supreme Being, yet present, who protects us, guards us, and gives us faith.

Today, through that faith, we know that it is Mother Mary who is the Fifth Holy Sign.

Mother Mary teaches us what belongs to the Five Holy Signs, what Jesus yearns for through the Five Holy Signs, what God the Father waits for from humanity through His Divine Mercy, what the life of faith needs to prove, and what must mankind deeply believe, in an absolute way.

What do we do to meet the Holy Spirit, to receive and contemplate the celestial and divine sacrament with the meaning and the promise that remains? How do we recognize the gentle teaching of Mother Mary, who guides us, leads us, and helps us with the events that have happened and are happening?

Mother helps us and brings us back.

Our life is renewed, for us to speak up, to lift up the voice of repentance on behalf of the world, of sinners like us, to return and respectfully lift up to God.

Then we rejoice and celebrate the resurrection, on behalf of the sick, the deceased, the dying, and for the standstill in today’s world.

Mother is the person who teaches us to pray and lift up, to help us understand the Five Holy Signs.

The Five Holy Signs still have an important value that mankind has forgotten.

That is the seal.

The Five Holy Signs have exchanged for us a seal, to forgive us, to guide us, and to wait for us to return.

That seal will deliver us in the last hour of our life, when we recognize and return to God in our dying moments, with repentant words, with words we pray, for God to have mercy and forgive.

The Five Holy Signs will help us with meaningful days at the end of our life, and the Five Holy Signs will help us mature.

God waits for us.

The Five Holy Signs help us on the path of maturity, to return in a spirit of repentance.

To the Five Holy Signs, we worship, praise, honor, and apologize to God, for the years that we have not yet understood the meaning, have offended, have despised.

We have never understood the meaning of the Five Holy Signs.

Today, through the Five Holy Signs, we understand the glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was such an accomplishment!

It was a program to save the entire world in sin and death! Thanks to the Five Holy Signs, we know the truth, we understand the lofty spirituality, the power of love.

We understand the Lord who loves mankind immeasurably.

Thanks to the value that God has given us through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, we receive the seal of forgiveness.

Regardless of the circumstances, God is still the Lord who always forgives those who truly return, who repent, who profess, who are sincere and faithful and enduring to the very end.

God is still the Supreme Lord of the Five Holy Signs, who delivers us, saves us, and helps us understand the meaning of the glorious and triumphal resurrection with Him.

The Five Holy Signs lead us on the paths of the challenges in life, and the Five Holy Signs will triumph after we reach the end of the path, with the cross that each person must carry, that each person has, whether heavy or light.

Let us be patient and persevere, with trust.

We still have Mother Mary by our side as a great example, with Her entire life dedicated to us.

Thanks to the Five Holy Signs, we are more mature, we understand more, our faith is profounder, and we understand faithfulness, we understand the doctrine that is still with us in all circumstances.

In the urgency at the end of life, as a sinner, God still grants love and forgiveness.

The Divine Mercy is granted to sinners when we understand and we mature.

The seal saves us and forgives us.

May we listen to Mother’s word, for our life to belong to God, for us to understand the meaning of the days of darkness, the days of disappointment, the days of hopelessness – yet we still have the light of the resurrection.

Today we lift up to God, to pray for God to grant us a new light in life, in our soul, and allow us to see the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that give us life, the light of the truth, a life in belief and faith, to save us in the pandemic and every situation.

When our life is adrift and we live in iniquity, we had times when we acted unintentionally and intentionally, rejecting what is most needed in the basic life of the heart, of the truth, for us to do everything that is the opposite – in pleasure, deceit, greed, lust.

God, please help us, for us to return and to be reborn, to understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that Jesus has granted to us.

May we worship God, praise God, glorify God, and honor God.

May we relive everything we have in the meaning of today’s resurrection.

Please restore every role, every class, every position so that each one of us may unite to worship God, love God, adore God, honor God, and submit to God in the life of the doctrine that He grants, so that our role does not yield to freedom, the lure of life, the lure of people, the lure with every situation that suits us and is appropriate in the world of mistakes and weaknesses.

But choose to make sacrifices, to be patient, and choose the doctrine of justice and righteousness, the only truth, for us to live and persevere till the last moment in  faithfulness to God, to deserve the repentance before the Five Holy Signs, before the Cross.

We respectfully offer our thanksgiving and gratitude by each meaning that today we offer to each Person whom we lift up to.

The prostration, the surrender of both soul and body, is a sign of determination, to affirm our belonging to the Supreme Being whom we worship and believe in, the only Supreme Being whom we profess today.

In spite of imperfections and weaknesses, in spite of failures, we believe in God and we ask to come back to Him.

God, please have mercy and hear us.

God is definitely the Lord who saves us, who leads us out of the darkness to glorious resurrection, for us to belong to Him, to forever be with Him, and in Him. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow:

We respectfully offer to God the Father.

O Father, I worship You, I thank You, I praise You.

You are the merciful Supreme Being who clearly knows that mankind needs a Mother, and that is Mother Mary who has represented the human world.

Mother Mary has accompanied the Lord Jesus in the salvation, who today has victoriously and gloriously risen.

Over 2,000 years, this is still reminded for the life of faith and the existence of each person till this day.

Mother Mary, please accept our appreciation, our gratefulness, our indebtedness to Your Immaculate Heart, for Your reminder and teaching.

We thank You, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the Church, Mother of every layperson, Mother of every member of the clergy, Mother of sinners, Mother of prisoners, Mother of victims, Mother of penitents, Mother of saints, Mother of every soul in purgatory, Mother of the apostles all over the world, and the Mother of every patient infected by the pandemic in the world today.

Mother, please accept the prayers we lift up to You.

Mother, we lift up our thankfulness to You, our appreciation to You, and we apologize to You.

How many times have You taught us? How many times have You sent us messages? Yet we still have not practiced and we do not do.

Today we are in a crisis due to the pandemic.

We have seen the disobedience of the human world that follows a path of freedom and logic, a path of rational and human law.

So we end up with days of negativity, despair, quarantine, the present plague in both soul and body.

O Mother Mary, with your title, with your name, You have helped, visited, healed, and You have given us so many great graces through your teaching.

But mankind still does not listen, still chooses to follow a life of individualism and iniquity, so today we pay the price for our ambition, for our disobedience.

Mother Mary, we simply know to beseech You at this moment.

Our brothers and sisters have died from the terrible pandemic that is threatening each person and each country.

Nonetheless, this threat is not a natural calamity, it is not a chastisement from God, but it is a man-made creation, between man and man, inflicting one another, ending up with a gridlocked path.

Today we have caused suffering to each other, we have caused the pandemic, and we neither have the medicine to treat it nor can we prevent it.

It has exploded, because that is the evil raging all over the world.

Mother sees the efforts of the righteous people, Mother sees the sinners in repentance, Mother sees all the innocents, Mother sees the victims, Mother sees the people who were honest their entire life, but have died in this pandemic.

Mother, we beseech You. Mother, please save us.

Mother, please intercede to God, for Him to help us, to save the people who are living with sinful days, who continue to be indifferent, who create so much resentment, and has caused the world to be in a crisis in today’s pandemic.

The innocents die, the victims die, those who lived an honest life also die, the sinners also die, the penitents also die.

Many are seriously facing death, in a time of civilization that people consider as the sophistication of an era, with advanced science and technology, but in the face of this pandemic, their hands are tied.

Today we lift up to Mother, and we thank Mother, who has seen the pandemic, because mankind makes their own decisions and mankind has followed their ambitions, and ultimately has brought death to each other.

It is not just the innocents and the victims who die, the people who caused this pandemic cannot fix what happened, so their homeland, their country, their citizens also die.

Unfortunately the wrongdoing does not end – it continues to rage, it continues to cause trouble, to cause tension.

We only know that in our human condition, in the face of any situation, especially today, even though certain people are wicked, sinful, evil, we still do not want them to die, to suffer a horrible end, because of hatred, to inflict upon one another harm and evil through the pandemic.

There are people who belong to God and to His doctrine, those who still have a conscience.

There are also people who are knowledgeable, educated, people with great talents, people who are representatives of their nations, but they continue to argue, to seek their own interests, to use the most cruel schemes and tricks to behave toward one another.

Mother Mary, today’s situation is still tense.

We only desire peace.

We simply want days of freedom, days that belong to us, for us not to be bound, to have things taken away and interrupted.

Mother Mary, we know we still have many sins, many mistakes, much unworthiness.

The only thing we beseech Mother is that we know we are sinful, we are weak, we are wretched – we have asked to return.

We want to belong completely to God with the doctrine that He has taught, for us not to follow the old way and for us not to do anything to disappoint Mother.

We represent the people today who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear, and whose heart is totally dry, cold, disobedient, dishonest, rebellious.

There are still many of them in this world.

Mother, we know we cannot request for anything to belong to us, but we simply lift up to You in our sentiment.

We lift up everything that is happening in the world today to You.

We lift up all the people who are suffering from the disease, those who have passed away, those who have not yet returned, those who have returned.

There is still a great deal of pain in this world.

I lift up to You, especially on the day Jesus triumphantly and gloriously resurrects.

Those are the things we lift up and may Your will always be realized and done over us.

May God the Father works in His way to plan and save everyone.

We lift up to God al classes, all roles.

May God’s will be done.

May Mother’s will be realized to appropriately conform and follow the way God grants and gives to us in the world.

Mother Mary, please have mercy on the doctors, the nurses, who are the people who take care of the sick.

The contagious pandemic is spreading all over.

People can easily get infected and many end up dying due to the pandemic.

Mother, please have mercy on those people and protect them.

We lift up our Church, our Pope to Mother.

Today the Pope is very concerned, very worried about the pandemic.

There have been many deaths, and many are infected.

The Pope is the person who represents Jesus to guide the spiritual life, the life of the Spirit, the life of the doctrine, which the Lord Jesus has left to the shepherds as well as to the faithful and everyone in the world who wants to seek to know God.

Today with this situation, the Pope has certainly prayed for many days, hoping and longing.

Though he trusts and relies on God, the condition of a person cannot be covered up. He looks thinner, his face is forlorn, he walks slowly, and surely his health must have been affected.

Mother, please protect our Pope who has been chosen to lead and make changes to all that is old, to renew the Church, to unite the Church, for the truth of God to spread all over the world.

Mother Mary, this is the time when we see the tense situation in the center of Christianity, with the deaths of the priests and the deaths of the citizens – not just in Rome, but also in the entire world.

Mother, please take care of the Pope.

Please bless him every time he stands in front of Your picture to pray for You to protect Rome.

He prays and lifts up earnestly, fervently to You.

We see the Pope pray before the Cross that was in a church that burned down, but that Cross was intact, and that Cross ended a plague in the 15th century after it was carried in a procession throughout the entire area of Rome.

Today that Cross has been brought to St. Peter’s Basilica, and we see the Pope praying before that Cross.

Nearby is an icon of Mother Mary, one of the oldest that exists, known as the Protectress of the Roman people, definitely with a history of its own, so the Pope always prays before that icon.

The Pope always looks toward Mother to pray for Mother to save and intervene for the present world, especially for the Church as well as for the people all over the world who are affected by the pandemic.

The Pope prays to Jesus earnestly and he prays before the Cross with beseeching.

This is comforting for us, for we have a Pope in the place of Jesus.

He has a heart that remains with the sick, with the people, with the Christians, who are in a state of stress, of deadlock.

It is his faith and his preaching for us to have an absolute faith, a steadfast faith, to come to the love of Jesus, to teach us to always entrust and trust.

Indeed, only in spirituality can we see things from the truth.

God has chosen the Pope, even in his old age, to continue with days, to lead the Church.

May God grant the Pope wisdom, for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have more strength, more courage, to continue to serve the ministry God assigns to him until the last moment, for the Church’s renewal and the change through this pandemic, to help unify the Church, unite the Church, sanctify the Church, strengthen the Church, to bring God’s word and the truth to all nations, for a spiritual victory in the present pandemic.

I always remember to pray for Mother to help the United States of America – prayers from the Mother to God for President Donald Trump.

I firmly believe that the First Lady is a person who always prays to Blessed Mother.

Surely, she always prays for the President, because the President bears the responsibility to lead a powerful nation.

His voice has been an influence worldwide, especially with the terrible pandemic, which has caused many tensions – from the economy, to the social, to commerce, to the nation.

He seeks every way to help the citizens, to find a medicine that can help save as many people as possible.

The daily life of responsibility weighs heavily on his shoulders.

Everything he prays for, I firmly believe that God is by his side to guide him.

Especially when events happen when he is the president, on a negative side, people are very afraid and consider him to be the person to cause tensions in the world.

But spiritually speaking, we know for sure he is the person brought by God to accept the position of president.

His presidency is a position to amend the laws in certain matters that the previous presidents did not have the courage to do.

No one dared to pray in front of the citizens, to say the words that belong to God, to have the courage to defend a doctrine and a religion that mankind needs.

God has been waiting for this man for a long time.

God has waited for the hearts, for a life of firm faith for a long time.

Today God has indeed chosen him to bring the voice of God to the world, to testify to everything that belongs to God.

Whether challenges, tragedies, or pandemics, today, when we talk about faith, then we believe this event has a silver lining, because the more challenging, then those who belong to God will overcome the struggle of that challenge.

Only God’s people can have enough courage in faith, because God walks with them, God teaches, God leads, and God is with them.

The person I am talking about here is President Donald Trump.

Mother Mary, we know this pandemic is a terrible incident for all classes, all roles, and the entire world in stagnation, losing the right to freedom, especially the most recent days, since the outbreak started.

But I believe and we all believe this is God’s program.

God allows for these difficulties, for these challenges.

God allows for the pandemic, because one event happens that can fix a lot of matters.

God’s plan is not something as ordinary as mankind is thinking, but everything happens to show the glory of God, to show the hand of God.

He is the Supreme Lord who heals and solves all problems, when we have absolute trust in Him.

We see the left party and the right party, the Democrats as well as the Republics, opposing each other.

The Republican Party acts in righteousness to try to help many people or do many things, but still faces many oppositions, one side as well as another.

It is to the advantage of those who always exploit and follow a plan of an unconcerned life, yet under the pretense of charity, to seek all kinds of ways to encroach, to trample, using the most vicious plans.

So today a powerful country has exposed the true faces of those unworthy to continue as chosen leaders.

There are more and more disputes each day, because of interest, position and greed, which have allowed the people to clearly see good and evil.

Unfortunately, there are still people who continue to blindly defend the wrongdoings, defend the actions that are contrary to human conscience but still happen with those in the ranks of leadership.

God, we lift up President Donald Trump to You.

God, please protect him. God, please allow him to continue to quote Your word every time he gives a speech. God, please help him continue to be brave and bold, to live in Your teaching, to trust in You, for him to make a decision in everything that needs to be done in this generation, to not let the devil control, to not let the evil spirits rule.

Because there are people who desire money, who are greedy, selfish, who use all kinds of ways, at all costs, to achieve their purpose in self-interest, covering up their own wrongdoing, their own mistakes.

However, President Trump is a person who fully exposes those mistakes, those abuses, those misuses, and totally opposes everything that is not done in justice.

He has faced many people in this world, the majority of whom are selfish, greedy, seeking self-interest, so they try to cover up their wrongdoing, but he is the person to look into what is not in the truth.

He alone has had to deal with many people, and those who work with him daily must face many difficulties and increasingly are overwhelmed by all the wrongdoing, by the unrighteous people.

O God, as You said, what needs to happen, must happen.

God, You said President Donald Trump is a person that belongs to God.

God, please defend him, please help him be righteous, to win this battle.

God, please guide him in the big decision that affects the entire world and his mission.

In the next days of his term, may God grant him wisdom and enlightenment – he surely will win this battle (5) and will definitely bring the people back, for them to see what God does over him.

Only the hand of God can help him through these stressful and challenging times.

O God, the Lord of love, beside us is Mother Mary.

Though Mother has known that this world has many people who believe in God, who has the courage to talk about God? Who has the courage to live for God? Who has the courage to bear the responsibility to live in righteousness? Then surely Mother is a person who always supports him, always prays for him, for this world, and for the United States.

This country is a powerful country.

The voice of the president will influence the world, and good deeds will help people who hear and know.

On whom does he rely on? What does he do and what helps him prevail? It is God in him.

May God help everyone be clear about President Trump.

President Trump relies only on God, he relies on God to lead a powerful nation, he relies on God for all his decisions, when he encounters, or when he gives a speech.

May God allow him to continue to be the president, to bring the word of God to remind the world, to bring God back to the world, because certain people have totally lived in wickedness.

They have put God to the side, removed the Ten Commandments from the churches, destroyed the crosses, and have replaced them with everything that is contemporary.

The time has come.

President Trump will be the person to put the crosses back, he will be the person to have the Ten Commandments hung up again, he will be the person to practice the Ten Commandments.

He will be the only brave person, to say what mankind has completely rejected or done wrong, relying on the subtle civilization of the world.

President Trump always relies on God for everything, because only with God can there be sincerity, only with God can one have everything, only with God can there be hope, only with God can there be strength and courage, only with God can there be victory.

May God hear his proclamations, the words he said in his speeches from the day he became president – the position of president chosen by God – so we pray for God to let him serve and till the last moment to be a person who proclaims God in the midst of the world.

Today we pray in a special way on the day of the triumphant and glorious Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for President Trump – his worries during the pandemic, his decisions regarding the lifting of the lockdown, even though the pandemic is still threatening.

The fact is, it is neither the pandemic nor the rumor nor the politics, but the people who vie for his presidency, to lead this country into the wrong motives, into vicious motives, motives of personal interest and idea from irresponsible people, contrary to God’s way, contrary to the doctrine which they themselves have offended.

God, please have mercy on humanity.

God, please have mercy on America.

God, please have mercy on the people who live in America, including His chosen apostles.

God, please give us the opportunity to continue to become witnesses for God in this country.

Please grant all of us, brothers and sisters, the courage, the strength, to pray and defend the truth.

God, please hear our prayers, on the day of Your glorious Resurrection.

May President Donald Trump be filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that the Holy Spirit may guide him, and help him overcome the battle of the pandemic, which is caused by heresy, by pagan cults, and by the wicked intentions to vie for his presidency, to inflict wounds all over the world.

God, please destroy all the wrongdoing from wicked people who have been completely stubborn and hardened. God, please defend the truth.

Please remove those who follow the devil and are completely controlled by the devil, who only aim for power, money, and victory, regardless of plots and tricks.

God, please help our world be at peace with the righteous people, in the righteous people.

May all eyes be open through this pandemic, to defend the truth and to have the courage to speak the voice of justice and truth.

May President Donald Trump continue to serve and achieve more than the last four years.

May it be more than four years for this president to lead the American people, to guide America, and lead the world back to God, to recognize God, and to recognize the meaning of the glorious, triumphal Resurrection.

The president believes and it is his decision right on the day of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – please bring him victory, help him to mature, to win today’s battle.

May the American people see that his decision is the enlightenment in the Spirit of God, to give people hope, joy, and to destroy all those ambitious people who have used plots and tricks to reach their goal, to cause such a great injustice to the entire world in today’s pandemic.

Those are things I ask for in a special way.

By Mother’s side, we pray for Mother to intercede to God for each one of us to awaken through this pandemic, for us to know what truth is, what justice is, what fairness is, what righteousness is, who belongs to God and who is wicked.

The devil is raging to rob us of our freedom, of everything that belongs to us in the life of worship, in a prosperous country where God blesses those who belong to Him and those who are righteous.

At this moment we simply know to lift up to God, to ask for His will to be done.

God, please protects the doctors, the nurses – they are the frontline workers.

God, please help us find better ways to help the sick, to reduce all the infected cases.

Please save the United States, save all countries in the world, save all people who live in righteousness.

Please help people to return after the pandemic and become sinners who repent and help the innocents, help the victims.

God, please have mercy and welcome the souls of the departed, for them to rely on the Divine Mercy and the light of the love that You grant to humanity, to the deceased, as well as to us in the present time, to all the righteous people.

We lift up to God all matters.

This Easter we also lift up to God all our brothers and sisters, the chosen apostles in this age.

Please grant us courage and strength, for us to step forward with what is heard, what is known, what has been said, what has been lifted up, through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, for us to boldly bring the gift of The Six Kowtows to the world.

This gift is a door, a key, to help us deal with trials, with difficulties, and with challenges.

The Six Kowtows will help us find the truth, recognize the truth.

This gift of the Six Kowtows also give us the courage to come to each Person, to help us recognize what comes from righteousness, and recognize the divine hand of God intervening.

May we practice the teaching from Mother Mary, to honor Mother, to thank Mother, and to ask Mother to continue to help us to obey, to listen.

In the schedule that Mother teaches us, let us pray on behalf of the world, of all classes, all roles, to come to St. Joseph who is the saint who always intercedes for us and every family.

His example and his life are the shining models for the Church.

The Holy Family will be the shining example for the entire world, for every family in our society.

We also ask St. Joseph to pray especially for the clergy to lead a chaste life, a life with responsibility, integrity, and righteousness, as St. Joseph did.

God the Father will never refuse that intercession, the intercessions to grant to our Church, to all patriarchal families, to the young men and women a life of chastity and purity, in order to be worthy of God’s graces bestowed.

We also remember to pray to the three archangels to protect our Church as well as the parishioners, and we pray for the archangels to help us so that each day, each person may boldly understand what is true, what is false, and return to righteousness.

We pray for the archangels to destroy the snares of the devil that are trapping the world of those who are weak in faith.

Please help us to see their snares and traps, and after this plague awaken and return to God.

The angel Gabriel was the messenger when Mother said yes, for our world to have the salvation.

Today we celebrate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who brought the light and life to mankind.

The angel Gabriel is the angel who brings faith to the world of mankind.

Please help us to have faith and believe in God in every situation with the promises from God and His gift to our world through The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary has taught and helped us.

The angel Raphael is the angel who heals from heaven and God has given him the cure, so please give us the remedy. (6)

May the angel Raphael stay with us and intercede to God for us.

May he help us bring his medicine to the Mother of the miraculous rose to beseech Mother to help us heal those who meet us and those who are sick today, and to help The Six Kowtows be spread throughout the world.

May those infected by the pandemic be healed through the remedy, so that they may believe and return to God, to the deeds that the archangels teach and help us with.

The angel of healing is a physician of heaven, a doctor of heaven.

Please heal the coronavirus outbreak today through the remedy you have shown us.

Please teach us what is still imperfect, what is still not yet done, please help us in the healing of those infected with the current pandemic, because we have not yet found a cure, directly or indirectly.

Please help us and save us in this time, for the glory of God and the presence of heaven to be known to everyone, for them to have fear, to return, to trust.

We also pray to the saints to help us through their intercession, and from their shining examples to help us live in faith and especially with happy days.

It is the day we celebrate glorious Easter in union with the saints and the angels.

We praise, glorify, and honor God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

May the saints help us to be brave and strong, to live a life of proclamation, to practice The Six Kowtows as a shining example, as the doctrine that God grants us through Mother Mary.

At the same time, please help us with our hands, to use the remedy of the angel Raphael to heal many people, and they will in turn believe in God and in the gift Mother has given to the world, to save us in the crisis and the emergency like today.

The prayers of The Six Kowtows allow us to have the intervention, protection, and shield of the archangels who destroy the snares of the devil, to help us on the path of witness, to become warriors and soldiers.

Also, the angels protect us, guard us, and pray for us.

Our guardian angels, please help us.

Mother, we also beseech You to bless all of us, brothers and sisters, to be in unity to move forward, for us to resurrect after the days of the pandemic.

Then, at the right moment, we continue to go out, on the path to witness, to bring everything that You have taught us through The Six Kowtows, to come to all classes, all roles.

May our Church soon accept this gift of The Six Kowtows.

It is the key to help mankind on the path of renewal, which God grants through Mother Mary with the gift of The Six Kowtows.

We do not know what more to say – today is a day of joy, happiness, peace, victory in the human world, which we lift up this morning with The Six Kowtows, on behalf of the world – all situations, all classes – to pray for the plague of both soul and body, to pray for all illnesses to be healed in the Spirit and in the glorious Resurrection of God, through the love of the Holy Spirit, to help us be more courageous and steadfast.

Please help us to understand more, for us to return by the submission, the surrender, the reverent offering, the lifting up, the acceptance, to beseech God’s providence and plan to guide all sinners like us to return.

Then, from sinners to become penitents, and from penitents to become witnesses, and from witnesses to become saints, to profess God.

We ask God for the angels and saints to support and protect us on the path of witness.

May everyone recognize and return to God through the president, a righteous person who obeys the Lord’s command, who follows the Lord’s laws, to bring back the hardened of heart, to pray for those who are infected to be healed, and to revive a life that has been deadlocked.

It is thanks to the grace of God and the power of God in him, to help the world have the eyes to see and to triumph through the plague of both soul and body.

Today we lift up countless thanks to praise, to honor, to adore the Lord Jesus Christ, the Victor.

Please help us to live in the light of victory, help us to amend our life, help us in a new life, a new doctrine, a new truth, a new heart, to return after the pandemic, for us to awaken and mature in God, with God, and to become the children who deserve to be saved by God, to have God die in our place.

It is God who lifts us up and allows us to resurrect in triumphal glory with Him.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, with the entire heavenly court, we thank, praise, glorify, and honor.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, the Victor: Amen, Amen, Amen. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

We ask, from the Sign of the Cross, to be healed from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

I thank God the Father.

I thank Jesus.

We rejoice and thank His glorious Resurrection.

We thank the Holy Spirit for teaching us to lift up fervent prayers to celebrate, rejoice, and praise the Risen Lord.

We thank Mother.

Mother is with us and we believe that Mother is very happy.

Though 2,000 years ago, yet each time this day returns, Mother is very happy because Jesus Christ has risen in glory.

May we always thank Mother for helping us on the path forward, to witness for The Six Kowtows, to bring to everyone in the world the last key, for each person to be forgiven and to return to God in the surrender, in the prostration.

We also pray to the archangels, to St. Joseph, and to all the guardian angels and the saints to support us.

After the battle of this pandemic, may we be more vigilant – may we belong to God, return to God, and believe in God, the Healer, the Savior, the Deliverer, and the Supreme Being who is risen, triumphant, and glorious, so that from that glory, mankind is rescued from wickedness, rescued from the hands of the evil spirits who control so many souls and so many of our brethren.

We ask to be delivered through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  1. This refers to the great Illumination of Consciences (also known as “the Warning”) that has been revealed to so many mystics.
  2. This may be a reference to Divine Mercy Sunday (red and white). The colors mentioned seem to be references to the liturgical colors
  3. This refers to some kind of punishment of God’s taking His presence away, perhaps after death, as a result of “sleeping” in sin.
  4. The Five Holy Signs are not identical to the Five Holy Wounds that are the subject of the Fifth Kowtow. The Five Holy Signs are like a subset of the Five Holy Wounds in the Fifth Kowtow. They are: God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Body and Blood of Jesus, and Blessed Mother.
  5. The task he has been given by God will be completed.
  6. Raphael’s Oil




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