A Virus That Was Created by People


March 4, 2020

  3-04-2020 – A Virus that Was Created by People

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

Lucia: O God, it is 1:44 p.m., on March 4, 2020. We are lifted toward the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, and the picture of Mother as Queen, at Saint Michael’s Church.


We thank God for one more Wednesday for us to come here to offer prayers and to attend Mass.

After Mass we offer The Six Kowtows in a very quiet church. There is no one left.

First we thank God. Though the situation is still very tense everywhere with the spread of the virus, there is also a remission in certain places and people are able to return to work.

But daily there are still cases in this state as well as in other states. There have been more than six deaths in New York City and there are a number of people who are infected and are being treated.

O God, that is the situation in our country, the United States. As for all the other countries, especially Korea, the situation is very serious – the number of people infected keeps increasing.

The outbreak in Wuhan, China, is still going on, but since the media is so secretive, we do not know for sure. The Chinese authorities always act secretively, which has always been the case; the media usually does not disclose all the facts.

O God, it has been almost two months. We just know that today this outbreak is not like SARS or other outbreaks, as reported in the media.

Regarding the gift from Mother Mary, we know this gift has the word “kowtows,” which surprised us in the beginning.

We did not know then, but there is an implication that Mother Mary has given to the victims, to the innocents, to the penitents in their last hour.

Mother loves them, because they live in those countries that are ruled by authoritarian dictators who ban the faith life of the citizens.

We have reported all these issues each time we lift up to God.

But what is happening is also a sign, not just for China, but for everyone around the world with the plague of both soul and body.

With the plague of the body, people are worried and seek all kinds of ways to treat it and they are overjoyed when they see the beginning rays of light in the finding of a treatment.

But the plague of the soul has smoldered for centuries, every hour and every minute of our life, yet few people care about this.

So then everything happens. There was a beginning so there will be an end.

As in the case of the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is expecting it, because it has been around for more than two months, and one day it will be over. But the plague of our soul has lasted for centuries – it has not ended, it keeps on smoldering.

Today we ask God to cure the plague of our soul.

We see how the plague of the body through the coronavirus has claimed so many lives, unexpectedly.

We anticipate surprises with ordinary events in the world, but when an epidemic happens who can predict it?

People died in indignation, and there were those who were sick but not yet dead, who were also thrown into the furnace of fire.

These are true facts that happened in this century.

Let us reflect.

This world is a civilized, sophisticated, and ingenious world, where people have citizen’s rights, but today we see that whether the citizens’ rights are respected or not depends on each nation and each leader.

The leaders either have morals and walk in God’s way or they follow atheistic policies that are tyrannical, authoritarian, and cruel.

This is the state that certain people face in the 21st century.

Mankind thinks it can use its own power to crush or manipulate in their own will. That is arrogance.

From the beginning till this 21st century, certain people have reached their goals by using the evilest, cruelest, and most inhumane ways, and they continue to rage with more ambitions for the future.

They forget that the Lord God is the Sovereign, that He created the earth, that He created every human being who lives and breathes with the air He granted.

We lived together in a collective life for generations.

There are economic and commercial aspects and everything is connected – in the life of serving and worship as well.

We all need each other, live with each other, because God gave birth to us in this world.

God told our first parents who were the first human beings created, male and female, to multiply on earth.

That was the law of nature from the beginning till this day.

Because of the proliferation we need to have each other.

Together in the world, God grants each one of us talent, a life of service – and each person with his or her own specialty, for us to work together.

What God wants is for us to serve Him.

Because our first parents disobeyed from the very beginning, sin was born and lasted for generations.

So God allowed the Lord Jesus to come into the world to bring us the doctrine and the truth.

We know the story from before Jesus came.

The Lord gave the Ten Commandments through Moses. The fiery bush, the presence of the Lord on the mountain, a chosen person, who with the staff God gave, led the people out of slavery in Egypt.

And that story began as we know: with calamities, with the refusal, with a king who relied on his power, on his armies, on his artillery, all the power of a human world in rationality.

Remember, though, God is the Sovereign. He grants and allows, but since our faith is weak, our viewpoint is limited, and we think we can use our power to manipulate.

However, what we need is heaven’s help. God looks at those being harmed – His love endures through time and space.

He granted necessities on the way when Moses led the people out of Egypt.

In every age we live in a different way, from our belief and faith.

Today with the outbreak, mankind seeks all possible means to control or to cure.

God grants and gives to those who are researching, the medicine to heal people.

There will be a vaccination, but now we are still in days of waiting.

We cannot forget what happened in the past few days. I am not mistaken; about a week ago Mother Mary came to us and addressed us – She told us to be prepared, especially in the spiritual life, to amend and return.

We must remain firm in faith and prayer, with the Holy Spirit’s teaching.

Mother also cares for us in the life of reality, reminding us to have what is necessary in our daily life.

There might be a scarcity of food, which has happened in recent days.

Why are people rushing to buy water, rice, dry food? In very large stores that never run out of goods, today they are almost out of stock.

Wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club and all the retail markets are short on items like rice, water, and dry food.

We did not know ourselves – we did not come up with the word “kowtows” by ourselves.

We do not understand what is happening, but Mother Mary has prepared for Her children and prepared for a country, China.

Whether people reject God or not, or whether people know Mother or not, Mother is the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of all humanity, and Mother loves all of Her children.

Whether we are aware or not, Mother loves the innocents, Mother loves the victims.

Mother also loves the authorities who still hold on to what they believe can be used to manipulate the whole world.

In their ambitions and dreams to find all means according to their power, they depose the Supreme Being whom they must know and worship.

I have repeated these stories many times, because these egotistical people lowered the Cross of Christ, lowered the Cross of the Lord Jesus who died for mankind, for the entire world, for everyone to be saved and forgiven by His Blood.

It is something very ordinary and simple, but it requires faith for us to see the meaning of the salvation.

Especially in this Lent, we face an outbreak, which is a reminder for us.

Our God is very tender and kind. He is very meek, leading us one step at a time, to revive the faith that is dying in the life of mankind, the faith that has faded away.

All of us are surrounded by the subtle and sophisticated life in which mankind is captivated and enraptured, in a slumber.

Today if God does not wake us up, we will continue to be asleep, busy with many things that are based on human power, money, fame.

We see the disruption this coronavirus has caused to the economy and commerce, with all issues, even for the military.

Nothing can stop the spread of this virus all over the world, a virus that was created by people, out of ambition, out of a desire to manipulate others, to force others to obey, to control others in wicked ways.

Today we see very clearly that evil will never succeed, no matter how long those people think they are successful, but in the end, that success is what happened, is happening, and still happens.

Today people must know there is nothing we can plan by ourselves.

The only thing that can be successful and complete is the righteousness and the love that God has for us, because He taught us the doctrine of compassion, the doctrine of love, the doctrine of forgiveness and of righteousness.

Human beings live in iniquity and depravity.

We know the story of Noah and many successive stories afterward, and in the times of Moses the Ten Commandments were given to the world, which has become the true ark of God as we hear from so many stories, up to the reign of King David.

The ark of God was displayed and revered and had a place of worship at the time.

The Ten Commandments were handed down for generations, and from those Ten Commandments, the Lord Jesus came to further demonstrate what the heavenly kingdom has for mankind.

He Himself endured all that was most excruciating because of the sins of mankind, for mankind to continue the implementation of the Ten Commandments that God the Father bestowed upon humanity.

The Lord Jesus Himself taught us and led us to understand better all that is spiritual that God offers specifically for the world of mankind.

We are human beings who have the freedom to choose, as God Himself did not forbid Adam and Eve in the past.

God said that everything in the Garden of Eden was allowed, but commanded them to not eat the forbidden fruit.

God wanted to test mankind and God wanted mankind to have a concept: to be determined to either obey or act according to our preference.

If our first parents did not eat the forbidden fruit, then the world of mankind surely would have lived with days of peace and happiness.

There would be no days with an outbreak like today.

Our first parents ate the forbidden fruit, so the world lost the battle and lived in wickedness, but God does not allow sin to continue to torment us or control us, so God sacrificed the Lord Jesus, His Son, to deliver us.

The only thing He asked for was obedience.

In the beginning, the Lord also wanted Adam and Eve to obey Him, to not eat the forbidden fruit.

Today it is the same with Jesus. He came into the world and died for us.

In all the deeds He does, He wants us to listen and practice.

What we know today is for us to live in truth and righteousness. Let us live with righteousness, with the doctrine.

The Lord Jesus accomplished everything for us to see that it is because of our sins that He received the death penalty, excruciating sufferings.

The citizens elect leaders or kings to represent them to judge.

There are laws for order in the world, which require justice.

For generations, have we been just or does one country invade another, which invades another, and nations continue to be in war and suffering for generations?

God comes to bring His Body to us and He reconciles us with the doctrine of love and peace, a doctrine in which we see the love between people.

Let us not be lost, deceived by the devil like Eve when she ate the forbidden fruit.

Today God gives us all the conditions for us to deal with because that is the law from the beginning.

God did not destroy the world at that moment, but God wants us to continue to exist.

We have a mind to discern, but, indeed, we have experienced generations of wars: World War I, World War II, and now potentially World War III.

With the Third World War, the scientific weapon surpasses all human creations.

It is no longer days as in the past, but the destruction is a hundred, a thousand times deadlier by these scientific ways.

Anyone seeking global hegemony will act regardless of what their actions might cause in tragedy or death, as long as they succeed.

That is the cruel intent from the time the devil sowed that desire into the heart of mankind.

The weapon being used today is a biological weapon that has no smell, nothing for us to know it is a deadly biological weapon, which affects millions of people and controls the entire world.

All areas are stalled with the coronavirus.

If there are other more horrifying viruses, do we think this earth will still have enough people to live on it?

Those are the dangers human beings cause from evil acts, and there is no cure.

We do evil and we cannot take back what we do, but God is different.

The Lord Jesus came into the world. He came in the flesh, like us. He was born, humble, in a cave in Bethlehem, lacking in every respect.

His life faced trials and ordeals. He traveled all over the country, worked extraordinary deeds to give people more faith.

Believe and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened.

That continues to be realized throughout generations. Who is the person to achieve that?

Let us enter the 40 days of Lent, and then Holy Week, the week in which we need to meditate on the great salvation that the Lord Jesus accomplished.

He endured everything because of our sins.

Let us recognize every sin, every stage, every class, every person with position, and the kings of the past who were elected to bring peace and justice for the citizens.

In the first days the Lord Jesus knew those who used power to suppress others while they indulged, enjoyed, commanded others. They were the scribes and the Pharisees. God surely condemned them.

In our Lord Jesus’ salvation, we see from Pilate’s judgment to the people, the blindness when they asked for Barabbas to be set free instead of our Lord.

Mankind was mistaken, because of the jealousy and envy of the scribes and the Pharisees. Today is the same.

We chose to forgive a criminal. Today the criminal is in our midst. Because of that mistake, today mankind must accept what happened and is happening.

We understand and experience from the Gospel.

Indeed, the events happened in stages, in every century and in our present time.

People chose to forgive Barabbas (1), so today’s century still has wicked men, those who follow the laws of atheistic communism, doing things that we have heard.

The Lord Jesus was born into the world.

He went into a battle to endure for us, to suffer everything.

But in the end, we chose not to forgive the innocent, we chose not to forgive the Lord who worked miracles to save countless sick people.

We chose not to forgive the wise Being who taught us things in goodness.

We chose not to forgive the righteousness that He brought but we chose to forgive Barabbas, so today we still have criminals in this world, we still have dictators in this world.

Up to this century we still have them because we made the wrong choices. God lets us choose, but God’s plan does not stop there.

God continues the program to save the world of mankind.

We chose; then we accept what belongs to us. God does not go against our choices because God respects us.

God walked all the way, till the last moment on the Cross – He showed us His love and power when He forgave the good thief.

The Lord taught us and gave us everything that is altruistic – a doctrine of love, a doctrine of mercy and kindness.

He accepted death, agonizing in the last hour like a criminal on the Cross.

But who can gloriously resurrect in victory? Who is the person to conquer death?

No one can do it in this world apart from our Lord Jesus Christ. He resurrected three days later in the flesh – mighty – and appeared wherever He wanted.

After coming back from death, He was not like a normal human being.

Remember, when He appeared to the holy apostles in the locked room they were afraid.

Jesus appeared and blessed them with peace.

We know that only God can do that.

If we do not have faith, how can we know and how can we believe?

Once a person is dead, how can that person resurrect?

God did it. God is still the one and only God who resurrected from the dead.

Today we have His doctrine.

What is most needed is the worship we must have for God, the mighty Supreme Being, who taught us the doctrine of life, the Supreme Being who taught us righteousness from the beginning.

For generations, up to this day, many people are complaining: why is my country poor, why do we encounter this situation?

Because we chose to forgive Barabbas.

That was the decisive hour for the ultimate choice we made.

We chose a criminal instead of a righteous person. So today we still have and continue to have what is evil.

However, Jesus does not stop, because He is the Supreme Being who has dedicated all that is best for our life – not only in this world, but as He once said, we will have an eternity in a place where there will be no more war, no more suffering, where our soul live in joy, in a life of adoration of God.

O God, Lord of love, the Supreme Being rich in mercy, we thank you for giving us this day, for us to meditate on what happened from the beginning, to remind us of the story, to have the answer for everyone – for those who do not know God, who do not believe in God, who have many doubts, with the event that happened in this Lent.

We will meditate with the Stations of the Cross, we will enter the Way of the Cross.

In the days to come, we will enter Holy Week.

We will see the great accomplishment that our Church and each of us Christians meditates on. We will read about what is happening and will happen later as part of this year’s epidemic.

God is reminding us of everything He accomplished, but we are the ones who choose.

We will see that this outbreak is very ordinary, a virus that causes us to fear, but what about the virus in our soul?

Daily, we commit sins, in passion, in lust, in carnal desire, in jealousy, in cruelty, and much more.

It is a plague of the soul but we do not seek ways to cure it.

O God, may the Holy Spirit enlighten me so that I may continue to understand the meaning of Lent.

Lent starts in a time of plague, people are worried.

No matter how powerful the country is, with modern ways to treat the sick, it is still a threat because this virus has claimed thousands of lives.

O God, may we meditate deeply to clearly understand this situation and the reason why things happen.

Things happen – not in the way mankind plans but in a very conforming way, with a profound meaning that is needed in the life of faith. God alone is the Supreme Being who, through death, died to resurrect in glorious victory.

So faith is essential for us to recognize what the Lord has taught us.

Through the Gospel, through the doctrine, we are commanded to live in righteousness, not in evildoing.

We do not have days like this – we do not need to create weapons to seek ways to win, to have discussions like we do today.

Indeed, in this century the situation is even more severe.

The fighting of each nation to defend itself is ostentatious.

Nations fight to be better than others, because they fear the control of others, and, if defeated, being enslaved and dominated.

So the poor countries today are the countries that we see struggling to deal with the epidemic because they lack in the ways of science and technology to help the citizens who are infected.

Today we do not know what the real story is in Vietnam, one of the poor countries that does not have all the modern techniques to deal with epidemics, but we heard that only a few dozen people were infected.

[Some] Chinese people travel to and from Vietnam daily – the border is always open to the Chinese people who work in China and travel for business to Vietnam.

Though the borders between China and Vietnam are closer than all the other countries, we heard that only a few dozen people were sick and they all recovered – no one died.

This is something that causes people to be even more scared. Could this be a secrecy, a concealment, because Vietnam does not want to let other countries know?

When the authorities cover up then the epidemic can be even more devastating than what we imagine.

We live in a country that is as far as half a globe away from China and, still, dozens of people today are infected and six people have died.

The screening is thorough, with scientific and technological ways, and yet there still are many people infected.

How can Vietnam, a poor country, so close to China, not have even one death?

This is a lie, because of the fear for the economy, the fear of everything happening as in Wuhan today, so Vietnam chose to keep quiet, but what does not come from the truth will never be silenced.

It is the leaders in the ranks of the atheistic communist regime that will cause the citizens to be utterly miserable, wounded, and infected in all aspects.

The citizens – especially in countries that follow the atheistic communist policy – suffered, and keep on suffering.

O God, wickedness comes from sin.

Mankind sinned and because it totally did not know what sin is, it continues to nourish sin, foster sin, commit sin, and not pay attention to sin.

They do not care about others, about the world, about their fellow human beings.

They only care about their personal comforts, their desires to control others according to their own personal gains.

That is the most sinful act that people are committing today, which is also a manifestation of wickedness.

We are the people who asked for the release of Barabbas in the past – we should not blame heaven or earth or our human condition because we chose.

From the beginning we were wrong and mistaken.

However, Jesus did not, because of mankind’s mistakes and wrongs, back down from God the Father’s plan.

Jesus accepted, because He loved mankind and gave mankind everything.

We were refugees from Vietnam – we did not know which nation we would end up in – a democratic nation or a communistic nation.

God loves those who are victims and innocents, those that live under the wickedness of the authorities.

Certainly, we have made many mistakes in life and today we repent. God forgives the repentant.

He wants to remind everyone in the world that He came with the purpose of saving us in sin and death.

We belong in the ranks of sinners, and because of that, we rely on our Savior, the Lord Jesus.

Let us rely on our Savior, on our Redeemer.

The path God endured was the extreme suffering in the 14 Stations of the Cross, a path for us to meditate on during this year’s Lent.

Why is the Church reminding us that Jesus began His 40 days of fasting? What is this is related to?

It is related to God the Father who sent the prophet Jonah to the city of Nineveh.

For three days, Jonah walked around Nineveh and announced: Only 40 more days and the city of Nineveh will be destroyed.

God wanted to correct sinners through the lips of a prophet.

Forty days. Why not thirty days, or five days, or ten days? Why 40 days?

From the very beginning Jonah felt that Nineveh was guilty and he did not want to go there.

He fled on a ship but was thrown into the sea and a fish swallowed him.

After the third day, the fish spewed Jonah out onto dry land and he went on with his mission.

Today we cannot run away from a mission as a prophet, as a messenger.

The mission of priests whom God has chosen is to be shepherds.

God has planned and He has chosen.

Today let us rely on the story of the prophet Jonah who went to Nineveh and announced: In 40 days, if this city does not repent, it will be destroyed.

So how could people who were sinners and lived in a sinful city listen?

But they listened, because the king listened and knew that would happen, so he ordered the officials, all citizens from adults to children, to fast and do penance, and he himself removed his brocade robe, wore a sackcloth, and sat on a pile of ashes.

This happened in Nineveh. God saw their repentance and forgave that city.

This is God’s mercy, always granted to sinners and to sinful places.

Sinners are those who have the right to decide whether to return to God or not.

God always said, I do not want the wicked to die, I want them to repent and live.

God did not create us to destroy us, to lead us to death.

God did not take away what He gave, but He wanted us to live a righteous life of truth, for us to share with each other, to live as God teaches us in the doctrine that has been set through Jesus, through His death.

Before Jesus came into the world, we had the Ten Commandments.

Jesus wanted to remind us of those Ten Commandments, for us to practice them in our life.

Every Christian and every person in the world: if we understand this, then today let us not fear.

The time has come.

When people reach a certain level of rejection and indifference, using their power to do countless evildoings, God knows.

Those who suffer from these evildoings are the innocent people.

Today God allows us to see the freedom in those leaders who pursue science and technology without morality and the doctrine of righteousness – they end up harming themselves, harming their countries, in their extremely narrow-minded viewpoint for global hegemony.

The result is what is happening.

This is also to remind each one of us in this generation that when we do something unrighteous, when we do not follow the doctrine that is needed as the basis in morality, then we must pay a price sooner or later, we must pay a price for our wrong decisions.

Why do we still exist today? Why do we still do what is evil today? And why is the story of the 40 days of fasting mentioned in this Lent?

Because of the sins of the world, God gives us the opportunity, gives us more time, more days, for us to decide what belongs to us.

That is the chance to reform when we know how to recognize and repent.

Why was the city of Nineveh not destroyed after 40 days? The people in Nineveh repented.

Because of that repentance, Jesus must practice those 40 days of fasting, which has lasted for generations.

The 40 days of fasting of Jesus is for the atonement of mankind, besides His death.

In those 40 days, Jesus faced the temptations of the devil, but He still triumphed, because the word of God is victory.

When our life belongs to God’s doctrine, we will triumph over all adversities, whether famine or countless other tribulations.

Those 40 days of fasting remind us that the Lord Jesus went into the 40 days of fasting on behalf of Nineveh and on behalf of humanity in this time, through each generation, through times, for us to understand that what God does is a number in spirituality.

Today we know what He does, we know that everything He does is meant to set us free, and is also a number that answers what God granted, in particular for Nineveh to be forgiven.

Today is the same – starting with the 40 days of Lent, we face the outbreak of a virus that has no known cure.

We have not yet found a vaccine for this virus – our hearts are anxious – we stock up on food.

However, let us remember: God is the Supreme Being who has been waiting for us for 2,000 years.

Since the Lord Jesus came into the world, what He wanted was for the price of the shed Blood to save each soul, each sinner.

Regardless of who we are and what we have done in the past, today when we listen, when we submit, when we return, our sins are forgiven.

Therefore, the 40 days of fasting in 2020 is like a seal that is imprinted on the page of history to help each one of us, in all classes, in all roles.

May we understand that those 40 days was for Nineveh.

Today, the 40 days of fasting begin with this Lent – if we repent, then we repent on behalf of the entire world in this outbreak of the coronavirus.

In all matters, God is always kind to us and grants us a way for us to be delivered.

Let us not seek this medicine or that medicine for the body, but seek a medicine to cure the soul with this year’s Lent.

Let us use the medicine that we never believed in, in an absolute way.

We never seek to come to the Lord God to thank Him for the air and the sky that we enjoy, in the days of living in the community, in good health.

Why are we sick today? It is because of the virus that we created, from our narrow-mindedness, and though we have knowledge, we can never be perfect when we do evil deeds that are against the morality and ethics with God’s doctrine.

Today if people are stubborn, refuse, or follow the way of the learned, then they will fail, because only God is the truth.

Today the events that happen are not a coincidence.

Let us remember the 40 days of fasting.

Jonah listened to God the Father who sent him to Nineveh to announce what God wanted.

Today God reminded us through Jesus, with the 40 days of fasting.

Jesus is going into the 40 days of fasting so that the whole of humanity will be reminded of the plague of the soul, for generations.

In 2020, when we face the frightful coronavirus epidemic, everything is at a standstill in all aspects of commerce and economy – even the military.

All is at a standstill in today’s situation. Let us meditate on the situation, which is a question mark that is asked of each one of us.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not refuse. Please do not follow the way of deciphering with a superficial or sheer viewpoint.

Those whose viewpoints are erroneous yet who still hold on to their own positions.

Please understand that God has His way.

Let us not be too complicated when we deduce on one problem.

God grants us all that is the best, a most ordinary way that mankind can understand, practice, choose.

Let us find out from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, for us to return to a time that is authentic, because, though we seek every possible way, we cannot follow the way of the human law, for us to face each circumstance, each situation, each stage that we are experiencing today.

We have a Mother and that Mother is Mother Mary, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Way of the Cross, which Mother walked with the Lord Jesus.

Mother witnessed the great accomplishment as the Lord Jesus suffered every scourge.

Every drop of Blood that was shed – that drop of Blood was to save every human being, every soul, every sinner, for generations, like us today.

Mother cannot let the Blood of the Lord Jesus, Her Lord and Her Son – which was shed on the Way of the Cross, as Mother collaborated and walked with Him – to become a meaningless drop of Blood for humanity today, especially in the end of a world in which we seek civilization, sophistication, and ingenuity, and continue to quarrel with each other, continue to demand the rights of freedom of a contemporary society.

Regardless of our roles, regardless of our positions, we continue to quarrel, to care about the life of reality and the ministry we have.

But what does God yearn for and need? It is unity and life that places God first.

Unfortunately, mankind has forgotten, professing God superficially, arguing for personal gain, treating God like wearing an outer garment, as a mask that we have worn.

The heart is a heart that lacks depth, that is completely frozen, completely indifferent, totally against the doctrine.

Mankind takes advantage of the law to do things in secret, so then today the light of the truth shines on every situation, on every position, on every single thing that happened and is happening.

God does not want what belongs to Him to conceal deceits, lies, hiding and violating His Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments are very ordinary. We read and they seem normal and easy, but for us to practice what God wants – that is the important thing.

Do not think of the laypeople who offend in this world through the atheistic communist authorities or a country plagued by an epidemic that was created by them.

Each one of us needs to look back at ourselves while we still have the time, because we also have violated the Ten Commandments.

We must not let our hearts become frozen and indifferent.

We are facing both the epidemic of the coronavirus and the plague of the soul.

So today let us all sit down for us to meditate on the Lord Jesus’ accomplishment at the beginning of this Lent.

Those 40 days of fasting are enough for us to understand what the Lord Jesus has granted us.

When we no longer have things we bustle about and worry about, when we no longer have what causes us to be impassioned, then we can sit still.

We are afraid of death. We are afraid of the epidemic. Are we not afraid of the plague of our soul?

God Himself is the healer of the soul. God is curing the plague of the soul, because that soul will be with Him forever and ever in heaven.

We did not choose to cure the plague of soul but we seek medicine to cure the body.

Yes, we need treatment for the body, but what made us fall into this situation today?

Does God not see, not know?

It is not that God grants only to the innocents or the victims who died.

We must recognize that we still have the opportunity to choose, because we still have our mind, we can still choose.

Especially those who are Christians, those who have authority, those who are priests, everyone: do not be too hard on others, on our brothers and sisters.

Let us not be strict with everything we are doing. Let us not judge. Let us simply be strict with ourselves – then we will understand what we need to do.

Today what I say does not come spontaneously.

It is from the Holy Spirit’s guidance and prompting, for me to remember these things to lift up to God.

Why are there so many problems in the Church right now?

We know only one thing: mankind did not forgive Jesus but chose to forgive Barabbas.

From the Church to the life of the world, all classes and positions have fallen into a situation where good and evil are mixed.

However, in the end, Jesus Himself resurrected in glorious triumph.

It was His death that brought hope to each one of us. His death testified to what is righteousness, so whoever is righteous and believes in God will find the truth of truth.

Today Mother Mary’s gift certainly feels like a surprise to the world.

It is like an explanation that is given to China, for today’s epidemic, for all peoples, for all countries, all over the world.

Mother Mary is the Mother of humanity, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every penitent, the Mother of every witness, the Mother of every patient infected by the coronavirus or who suffers from the plague of the soul, the Mother of all deceased souls, the Mother of saints, the Mother of sinners, the Mother of penitents, the Mother of victims.

Mother is the Mother of the whole world, the living as well as the deceased, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Queen of heaven, and our Mother, especially today.

What we know is only in moments and limitations, but Mother Mary has planned for Her children from the beginning.

With the word “kowtows,” we understand what is happening.

Let us not think of this epidemic to be the same as others – this epidemic seems to remind our body to decide and also the soul: that the time has come for us to choose.

We must return.

Let us not listen like a habit and continue what we do, because we no longer have the time to go on as we want, we no longer have the time to use our authority or position.

Let us not use science and technology to control.

It is time for all knees to submit completely before God, the time for us to be prepared, with the gift of The Six Kowtows that all of us – every position, every function – must surrender to worship God and to pray deeply.

With today’s situation, who dares guarantee? Who dares say that one can win, that one is able to heal, able to cure? No one dares. No matter how powerful or civilized, no one dares.

It is time for us to recognize the power of God at hand, the power God has manifested to us, with the reminder as Jonah came to Nineveh.

Today the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered to the whole world reminds the world of the plague of both soul and body.

May this plague be turned around and may we come back with spirituality, by a life of penance, by a life of repentance, by a life of prostration and surrender, by a life to profess and recognize what is while we are still breathing.

Let us not be too tardy and be too late.

Let us remember that we still have the opportunity to return to God.

We also have the opportunity to pray on behalf of the brothers and sisters, of the deceased, of the victims, of the repentant in their final hours.

We also pray for the victims and the innocents.

Let us not think that we will escape the outbreak, because someday it might happen to us.

The virus will not discriminate so let us prepare our soul, prepare our own spiritual life.

Let us not be too concerned with the life of the body, because when the epidemic comes we no longer have the opportunity to prepare what we need to prepare.

As of today, we know that we must face this outbreak.

Even if we are afraid, we might end up with the virus.

No matter what we do it might happen to us.

But when we are prepared with a life of faith, placing our trust in God, then we are more peaceful – we can easily accept what might happen to us, because with our fate and everything that belongs to us, we ask God to decide, we ask God to plan, we ask God to arrange.

Still, we have a way for us to hope, which is the way that Mother Mary gave us through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

The time has come.

Let us use this way.

Unlike us, people must go and seek something to help support them.

Because we forget to read the Gospel, for 2,000 years, we have not practiced it, we have not read it, so we become those who neglect, those who break the commandments of God.

When we know but fail to do, everything that happens today is like a dying moment awaiting us.

In this world, it is like something that reminds us in the urgent days, for all of us to gather in faith – by the heart, by the soul, by the mind, by the proclamation of both soul and body, mind and heart – to surrender to God with fervent words, with contrite hearts, in our prayer, in our fervor.

We need true repentance for us to call on the Name of the Lord and pray for God to renew us in His grace.

Today let us not look according to the way we do, normally or habitually.

Everything is like something that reminds us.

In the beginning of 2020, we have seen a terrible epidemic and in the days to come, are we sure we will continue with things like we think?

We need to have an optimistic view in life, to have hope.

But since this event happens like an awakening for the spiritual life of the soul infected by a plague, God wants us to be concerned and to be determined.

The year 2020 starts with Lent, with the 40 days of fasting with Jesus who represents the world, to endure the temptations, and through the temptations, Jesus entered the days of Holy Week, and after the days of Holy Week, He resurrected in glorious victory.

Let us start to follow this Christian schedule that most of us have not cared much about since the days of old.

We do not care about the functions we need and have – we only talk but we do not practice.

Today we realize that this epidemic can happen to any of us at any time, so it is time for us to focus with the 40 days.

The 40 days of 2020 are a sign for our life – by soul, by heart, by repentance.

Let us put ourselves in the place of the gravely ill, those who wait to be cured. Let us put ourselves in their place for us to understand that what we need is to have faith. Only in God.

We lift up to God and we pray to God, for God is the Being who helps us and heals us.

If we truly put this in perspective then we see that life has meanings.

Thus, may all those in authority and those who hold positions understand this.

The world has many deceits because there are always lies, and the devil uses every means to deceive us, to deceive everything that is in its way.

But the devil will never triumph over God.

So ladies and gentlemen, to be cautious is good, but do not grasp everything as you do and let it become a habit.

Perhaps it is from a fear of responsibility, perhaps you are not willing to actually see what is needed, but God always grants abundant graces to you, to the whole world, and to all of His sheep, in His protection.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not think that you can rely on yourselves, that you do not need to trust anyone else.

Let us believe in God, pray to God, follow the new way taught by Mother Mary, which is an affirmation in faith of the salvation that the Lord Jesus accomplished.

He wants to imprint upon us the practice of the gift, like a seal, when we become those who understand, and daily we practice, in a life of prayer, with a spirit of thanksgiving, of gratitude, for us to have depth when we pray, and for both soul and body to belong to Him.

Let us practice before the Eucharistic Jesus, in order for us to express our love for the Eucharistic Jesus and to have a deeper inner life, in prayer, without any distractions.

This is something in which no one can be deceitful, in which no one can say for personal gain, that there is something wrong with it.

Please listen and pray.

The Holy Spirit will answer all of your inquiries.

The Holy Spirit will answer everything that comes from heaven, and Mother Mary never leads Her children erroneously or lets Her children fall into a situation in which the devil is controlling.

No matter how cunning the devil may be, in the end he will fall and be defeated in the battle of the angels and the saints.

Through our prostration to God, who dares do anything to us?

No matter how we are, let us remain firm in faith.

In our hearts we belong to God, because we worship God, we practice with both soul and body, we live in humility, we glorify our Lord.

Deep in prayer, in contrition, in repentance, in everything, let us belong to God.

What do people see as wrong in our practice?

The devil never teaches us to prostrate to God.

The devil never teaches us to come to the Eucharistic Jesus. The devil never uses ways to help everyone surrender and return with a repentant heart.

What the devil teaches is for us to be arrogant and proud. The devil teaches us to pursue numerous gratifications.

On the contrary, what we practice teaches us to surrender to God, to prostrate to God, to daily pray with depth, to daily thank God through Mass, to come close to the Eucharistic Jesus, to learn to humbly entrust in God as Mother did.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I still have the opportunity to say this to you – tomorrow God might take me away or something might happen.

I am aware that every person who works for God, those whom God sends, might leave this world sooner than expected.

If I do not speak up today, then if something happens, people remain in doubt, and there is nothing else as proof.

At this moment, I do not know who accepts or does not accept this gift or whether the Church approves or not.

I do not know, but it is God who send me to testify to the truth.

We see and we hear.

Why is the Church losing more and more people? Why do people easily abandon God? Why does our faith not increase? That is what happens in today’s reality.

It is because of doubt, judgment, rejection of the ministry that has become familiar for generations.

May there be a change today from God. Only God can change. Only God allows. Only Mother Mary knows what we need, what we must do – and helps us in an urgent time.

This gift of The Six Kowtows helps sinners like us to lessen sins, lessen desires, lessen selfishness, lessen greed, lessen demands in life, so that we may turn to the Eucharistic Jesus – to be transformed by Him daily, to receive His healing for both our soul and body.

Let us unite today in one spirit to lift up to God.

This is also a legacy for the present world and a history of an age in which God chooses people to be the Disciples of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, to testify and witness to His true presence through the Eucharistic Jesus, along with the words taught daily by the Holy Spirit, as we offer The Six Kowtows.


  1. It is always good to forgive sinners. What is being referred to here is mankind pardoning Barabbas while crucifying God. If we had chosen Jesus, things would have been different.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.




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