Come Back to God with all your hearts


February 23, 2013

In this message the Spirit of Jesus leads L. in her writing about herself and His mission.

L.: I thank You O God, for the message that You have allowed me to report, and at this moment, I ask You to give me the words that You want to teach me.

O God, I would like to thank You for all that You have given to me, and I would like to say what is in my heart to You.

Everything that I have is from You, as well as how You use me to write the things that You want to say.

Before I receive Your words in me, I do not feel anything at all, I do not have any subject to talk about, and I do not even know what I am about to say. But right after I pray to You, with the words that I confide to You, then when You want to speak to me, Your words simply come to my mind. They come in a way that I see as planned.

I do not see with my own eyes, but I can see a person in my mind, who is not myself. It is that person who gives me the words, coming out of my mouth. I have thought about that, and today I am sure that that person is the Holy Spirit, Who is in me. The Holy Spirit is teaching me the words that God wants me to say. O God, I know that I am still a human person, even though I am capable of doing all these things. That is a most joyful thing that I receive from God. I also have to learn, for my own life, for my actions, words, and even the thoughts in my soul. I am able to do all the things for the appearances, for people to look at me and think of me as being a good person, but I think that it is the things that are in my heart that are important, that are worthy to God, because that is the reason for which God has chosen me and loves me.

I do not need the outside world. I do not need anyone to know about me, or for me to be bashful to do anything, because of the people. I only know that I could make decisions from my soul, from a small venial sin to a mortal sin. I have discovered that I still have those things that people usually tend to think about. There is right, there is wrong, and there are also those things that I can see that cannot be accepted.

Only God is pure. God brings peace, happiness and love to each person. Our lives have only one purpose, if we are the disciples of God, if we are the ones being chosen, we are not exempt from the same laws given. We have to truly live with our hearts, and live with love.

If I am not the person that God wants me to be yet, at least I can stay away from those things that displease God, to listen to the things that God is teaching me daily, and to receive the words of God daily. When there are things that I feel are not right in my heart, I grieve, I suffer, I am sad. Those are the things that I feel the Holy Spirit is teaching me, to walk on the path that God has assigned me to be on, and that I must walk on, in this life.

O God, I know that I long as I am still in this body, there will still be sins. Though those are venial sins or bad habits that a person has a hard time to get rid of. Such as our thoughts when we hear people talk about something, we wonder why they think they are right, and why do we think of things that are bad for others? Take a look at ourselves first. Are we perfect yet? Are we good enough to be able to look at others that way, to look at others and think those thoughts? God has taught us that no matter how sinful a person is, only God has the right to judge that person. Only God can see that person’s heart. We are just normal people who should be praying, and maybe we’ll experience something in the silence and prayer. We might end up with some beautiful words from God, speaking to us, for us to share with our brothers and sisters.

These are the things that God wants for a person that God has chosen. The people that God has chosen to witness for Him have to live a life in this way, to see our own mistakes, to renounce sins, and to change ourselves. To be able to see that the things that we are not happy with, that we do not like, that this is due to our own ego; to treat our brothers and sisters with love, in the love of God, a forgiving love, so that we may be close to them, to accept, and to be able to change the things that God wants us to do for our brothers and sisters.

This is how I can unite myself to the love that God has taught to me. The love that God has taught to my brothers and sisters. The love that God is working on me, through the things that I encounter, to experience the way of life following God, the way of life looking for God, the way of life worthy to receive the graces and the things that God is using me to come to this world. A world that we have to face daily, the people that are causing us pain, or our enemies, everyone has to follow the commandments that God has taught.

The statutes and decrees of God are everlasting. Nothing can change them. It is the people who have caused things to be evil, from their hearts. All the things that God said and taught, if people truly listen to and follow His commandments, then these people will be the light for others to see. That is the love, that is the peace, that is the truth that God taught us.

O God, there are experiences that You want me to go through, for me to choose, to step away, to renounce all the things that do not belong to God, all the things that are not from God’s teachings. That is what my heart felt yesterday and this morning. When I did something that I felt was not right, that I recognized was wrong, I repented, I feared, and I have shed tears, asking for forgiveness.

I thought to myself, a few years ago, before being close to God, I was 100% different. All the things that I did, to me they were normal, even if they were sins committed, and I did not have any thought about what I did, nothing worth me thinking about. Everything I did, to me they were right. I rationalized my actions, the sins I committed. I did not know that You were looking at me, the way You described Your Cross, looking and waiting for us to recognize our faults and change, to recognize that what we did was wrong. The things that will lead us to death, to pain, the things that we choose for ourselves, in our current lives. I did not see Your loving glance, I did not recognize the sins that I needed to renounce. I was in the darkness, I was engrossed in the passions of this world. In the eyes of God, we need to stay away from these things to be worthy of the grace of God, Who died for us. God Himself and His own Blood have purified each soul, for us to stay away from mistakes and sins, for us to be worthy to call God our Father, for us to be worthy to work for Him, for us to be worthy to be chosen by Him, for us to be worthy to receive the things that we have in this life, for us to be worthy to receive the graces, and all the blessings from God.

In this world, the evil people and the good ones, they look the same, but God allows each of us to choose to recognize Him, to be thankful to Him, or the freedom to think that what we have is what we are entitled to.

It is indeed a foolish mistake when people cannot recognize the Love, the Light, and people follow their own pride, falling deeper into the abyss of sins. They do not respect and treasure the precious things that God has bestowed on each soul, Who is the Holy Spirit, always present in their hearts, to remind each person of the holy things, of the truth, for them to be worthy of the things that God has given to mankind.

O God, there are so many things that I cannot say it all to You at this moment. I thank You for this morning, to have given me the chance after my thinking. If I did not pray, if I did not pay attention, then I would have sinned, in doing something normally. These things that are within us. Even if we have been purified, our hearts are still facing the reality of a society full of sins, of a society that influences people to live for their own interests, for their individual freedom, for their own needs. For this reason, it is hard for people to see that the truth is within their hearts, within their own feelings.

God always reminds us and God always gives us the time to change through His grace. He also gives us the freedom to choose, and He reminds us of the things we need to do to stay away from sins, which is to pray constantly, and to have peace in our hearts. Do not be too excited, or depressed, too eager, or too sad, because if we are not calm then we will not be able to recognize what is right, what is wrong, what we should do, and what we should renounce. This teaching is simple, yet it has a deep meaning.

If we do not have God’s blessings, if we cannot receive from the Holy Spirit the guidance we need, then we are still lost in the way we currently live, without being able to change.

For this reason, when we receive God into our lives, under any form, we should be calm, we should pray, and listen to be able to discern the things that we have to face. Whether they are disasters, or good news, or success, or defeat, or sickness or even death, we feel it all in our hearts. If we truly entrust our lives to the Holy Spirit, then we fully trust in God, and through our obedience, the Holy Spirit will work in us, will walk with us, for us to recognize these difficulties, and those things bestowed on us, from God.

Who in this world can recognize that? The things that God has given to mankind from the very beginning, but not everyone was able to receive them. That was then, and it is the same now. God has blessed us and we only need to accept, to obey, to pray and to follow His teachings, for us to live in peace, in happiness, with a smile on our faces, for a life that God has blessed us with. The happiness that God has given to us is indeed a precious gift that mankind lacks and needs to explore and search for. Just pay attention to the truth that God has given to us, believe and worship Him above all things, and love our brothers and sisters the way He loves us.

Be calm, be quiet, and pray, with the situations we have to face, with the things that we deal with, in this world. If anyone can recognize this, and fully trusts in God, obeys and believes, then that person will be able to have a personal holy life, to pray to God for anything, and God can answer our prayers when we are pure and we follow His commandments. There are people who live this way, who are able to have a holy life, which God has given to mankind, but only a small number of people have been able to discover the holy things from God.

I do not have the words to describe all the things that God has given to us. I am but a simple person. I have not had much education. I do not know much in terms of learned words. From writing to speaking, I am just a regular person in this world. A person living a normal life. I do not know the plan that God has for each person and the things He has chosen to give to each.

The things that I have up to this day, the things that I am speaking of, the things that He has allowed me to have, although there are also certain things I cannot talk about, I have been able to see the heavenly world that God has bestowed upon us, this treasure that if mankind cannot find, would be such a loss, such a shame.

For love, God has saved mankind, has given us so many graces and blessings. If people can recognize that, can accept, can entrust, can believe, can pray and live according to His commandments, then the people will be able to feel the things that I feel now.

Moreover, if we are determined to look after the things that God has bestowed upon us, then spend time to get closer to Him, use the time that we would have spent for our own pleasures, for our own interests, and use that time instead to be with God, to renounce to the passions of this world, and instead come to God.

God is the only truth we should be looking for, and looking for God is the purpose of our lives. To look for God is our comfort, our happiness, something that we cannot be without in this life, and only then will we be able to open our eyes, to experience the happiness of being able to hear His words, to receive the answers to the questions we asked, to receive the closeness and the love, daily, in our lives, as if from a Father for a child in a family. We will also be able to have the eyes of faith, to be able to see that within everything, there is a meaning, a sign from God, with love, with a purpose that God is giving to us, for us to find the truth, and to be able to come closer to Him.

That truly is a happy life, a peaceful life. Just as I am able to recognize a bit of that. I am but a small person in this world, with a limited understanding, but God has revealed Himself to me. For me, this is something tremendous, a love that no one in this world can give to me. Only God can. I know that God loves me very much, and that God never makes me suffer. He never betrays me, but it is I who can betray Him at any moment.

I know that God loves me, that God uses me and that I am a gift that God treasures each day. I feel it through the Holy Eucharist, God is the Father Who is truly alive, He is meeting me with His loving gaze, making me leave everything that is of this world to lift myself to Him, to look for Him in this adoration chapel. Even if I end up by myself in this chapel, I am happy to talk to God, to be able to speak such as a normal person is speaking to a father*. My actions and the things that I do for God are just the same as a person normally does in life. I have had moments when I was able to meet Him, when I most wish to, to be able to feel the peace in my heart, in my mind, with the life that I lead, and the needs that He has given to me.

Only with absolute faith in God, with a sincere heart looking for Him, with a trusting heart in a tender Father will He bless us with the things that not even I know I need, but He knows what we need.

It is such an infinite Love that He has for me, for you, for everyone in this world. He wants us to feel this love, for us to become closer to Him, for us to receive the graces that He gives to mankind, to keep and understand.

Do not commit sins, do not follow the passions of this world, for Him to wait and worry for the children that He has shed His Blood to redeem, for us to have peace, happiness in these end times.

God is reminding us of His Divine Mercy, for us to recognize the truth, the happiness through His Divine Mercy, the changes through the Holy Eucharist that with His power, He will transform and sanctify mankind, because humans are weak and cannot recognize a life in faith, a life in love, and the gifts that He has for us. It is only with faith from mankind that God will work miracles in each of us. Open your hearts to receive, to hear, to trust, to believe, to pray so that you are able to receive the kind of happiness that I have in this world. These are the things that I share with everyone, if you have the chance to hear and listen to these words.

It is L. who is speaking, in front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for what is truly happening in my life, the days in my life, not knowing what might happen next, but knowing one thing: that I have been saved by Jesus. Jesus has purified, has sanctified, has robed me with happiness, with peace, and through the Holy Eucharist, Jesus has cleansed me and given me the chance to witness for the truth, for the words that God has allowed me to speak, for making me the messenger to bring His words to this world, His words, through the Holy Eucharist, to the world.

Everyone, come back to God! He is waiting to meet each soul through His Divine Mercy. He wants to meet with the hearts that are sincerely looking for Him, that are coming to Him through the Holy Eucharist, for Him to meet them with Love, to sanctify them, to transform them, to give them the opportunity to have the happiness and the peace in this world, and for them to have eternal life after this earthly life.

Come back to God! Repent of the sins you have committed!

Renounce everything that comes from your ego. If there still are things that you cannot renounce, then come to His Divine Mercy, come to the Holy Eucharist, in which He is present, to ask for His help, to receive the sanctification, the graces from Him, which He gives to everyone who is coming back to the truth, to the Love of Jesus Christ, to the drops of Blood that He shed on the Cross to redeem mankind.

It also is the search during these days of Lent. The Passion of Christ throughout history allows mankind to see the act of redemption by Jesus Christ, the act that is everlasting when people unite themselves to the Passion of Christ, to the Love of Christ through His Passion, to receive salvation and forgiveness, and to have the happiness and the love from God, for each of us.

I thank You, O God, I praise You, O God, and I glorify You, O God.

This is the message reported from L., on this Saturday, February 23, 2013, during the Lenten season, in preparation for the Passion of Christ which the Church is commemorating this year.

Amen, Amen. Praise be to God.


*This explains why L. refers to Jesus as “Father.” And Jesus and Mary approve in the messages L. receives, likewise referring to the Second Person of the Trinity as “Father” (not as “God the Father” or otherwise clearly, as elsewhere in the messages). This is how she experiences Jesus, and it may be that this seemingly unorthodox appellation is divine, not human, in origin; that it is a new revelation from heaven.

New Revelations through the Eucharist