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 The Six Kowtows Introduction

3-09-2019 – Lent, The Treasure of Grace is the Eucharist

 4-15-2019 – Jesus and Mary Express their Feelings through the 14 Stations of the Cross

8-25-2018 – Have Mercy and Rescue Vietnam

 2-12-2017 – Turn Around and Come Back

 5-03-2017 – The Grace and the Blessing of the Six Kowtows

6-05-2016 – Mother Herself is the Author of the Six Kowtows

 9-12-2015 – The Meaning of the Prostration, part 1

 9-12-2015 – The Meaning of The Prostration, part 2


What you need to do to enrich your spiritual life and know how to deal with catastrophes coming to the world

Introducing a New Book!

The Gift of The Six Kowtows

A Present from Blessed Mother Mary to Humanity