He Is the Source of Hope for the Whole World


January 29, 2020


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows.


Lucia: O God, it is 8:02 p.m., on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. We are facing the altar, the Cross, and the tabernacle.


This is the place that God has granted us to come recently for adoration.


Though today there is no adoration, we come here, 15 days after returning from our trip overseas, to thank God, after Mass just like each time we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.


First of all, I thank God for everything God has granted, for us to be present here today.


At this moment, we unite to first thank and then to lift up to God all the crises that are happening in the world such as the extremely serious case of the virus, especially in the first days of the new year for Asians.


This is a serious threat to all countries.


At this moment, to whom do we run, to whom do we present, apart from God?


May I, together with all my brothers and sisters, represent the people who are the victims of the era, who are not sick but live in the affected country and no longer have a chance to leave the affected area.


At this moment we lift up to God to thank Him for all the blessings He has granted us, for us to know what to do for our brothers and sisters at this time, in addition to the prayers and sacrifices.


May God protect all my family, my children, my parents, my loved ones, and all the brothers and sisters who walk with me.


May everything in God’s will be done as I trust that is what God plans and arranges.


I pray that I have the opportunity to gain more strength and courage, to continue to go to the places where God wants us to visit to witness to the gift of The Six Kowtows.


At this moment, we unite to respectfully offer to God the First Kowtow.


O God the Father, I worship You, I thank You, I praise and glorify You, the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being in whom we believe, whose infinite mercy is always granted to humanity and given as a place of support for mankind.


O Father, we have learned so much from Your teaching. You have granted so much from the doctrine and the blessings that You pour down.


Unfortunately, there are countless people who rebuff and reject You, who walk on a path of injustice, disobedience, and rebellion, usurping God’s right, executing the most evil deeds.


In the end, they are the cause of great crises for their country, for themselves, and for what is happening today.


Speaking of this, we do not doubt, we do not judge, but we look at the past direction of the times in the course of history.


Today, certainly, there are many things from hatred and resentment, from politics, from countries whose chosen path is led by revenge motives, who have not acted in justice but only acted to reach their goals, at any cost.


They use money to thwart conscience and moral sense, and those who are greedy, corrupt, had no regard of others, whether citizens or victims, to gain interests for themselves in their functions.


However in the end, what is false and deceitful will come into the light of the dawn of truth and justice.


God is the Supreme Being who brings justice to mankind, who brings fairness and the truth.


The time has come. Mankind cannot continue to deceive and cannot continue to usurp and offend God, in the justice that God has bestowed from the beginning.


Today the First Reading talks about King David, a shepherd who became the leader of a nation for 40 years, who ruled over the Israelites whom God entrusted to him.


A chosen person who had a fear of God and loved God. However, he failed to overcome the sin of sensuality and from there, ended up with a history known to all.


When a person commits one sin, it will lead to other sins.


So today, a nation if not righteous then will surely end up with what it is choosing.


O God, You are the just and loving Supreme Being who has sovereignty and holds everything in Your loving embrace.


You are the Ruler of love.


You always use love to rule over mankind.


That love will help us return and that love will help us understand fairness, justice, and truth.


That love is spread for generations and thanks to that love, mankind exists and survives till this day.


But everything will have a beginning and an end.


Like the Alpha and the Omega.


There was a birth then one day it will come to an end to conclude, and to start a new program that is planned and arranged in Father’s holy will.


O Father, today we only know that when people listen to and execute Your commandments, then everything will become good.


God never created mankind to kill each other.


However, between man and man, due to dispute, due to interest, due to cruelty, we are killing each other, fighting with each other, causing innocent people to bear painful yokes, because those in functions have caused the citizens to end up in a state of suffering and become the victims of the times and of wars.


O Father full of mercy, there is nothing more to say today.


If we cannot change the policy, change from an atheist and communist country, then our days are simply days of trial, of suffering, of hunger – spiritually and physically.


Because of that situation, we understand the sick people today.


O Father, a very common name that is known to other places, a prosperous place of a country where, even though poor, people try to make a living from either labor or commerce – Wuhan is a crowded metropolis where the Chinese, ordinary people and commercial tradesman, gather.


It is a quite well-known city, known to many, but today this city is on a lockdown due to the virus, with its roads and streets empty.


It became like a graveyard.


If the situation continues, the number of deaths will increase, and at the same time the virus will spread farther, and people will no longer be able to leave or enter.


Are the sick getting the care and food for them to stay alert?


And those who are healthy but no longer have the opportunity to leave – will they end up sick and become victims in the present situation?


This is the moment people cannot do anything and are at an impasse if they do not have the light and the way, as God will be the omniscient Supreme Being who saves.


We are the people who see, who know, but we cannot do anything besides lifting up prayers and beseeching to God the Almighty.


He is the Supreme Being who hears, who sees, who knows what is happening.


This is a reminder to the people who are living a life of disobedience and choosing what is most evil, for they have subsequently ended up with the consequences from their evil deeds.


O God, Lord of love, You give us a doctrine to protect us.


You give us a life to belong to You in the truth, which is a promise for this life and the next.


With just a little endurance and sacrifice in life, there is righteousness.


As for the satisfaction of all aspirations and everything that follows the ordinary and mediocre human way like the promises in the days when people do not know what the future is, they think they will be able to achieve everything.


Today there is the answer.


All wishes have vanished in a country that is currently terrified of one thing: the virus, which is something everyone today is afraid of, because one’s life is threatened with the present situation of the virus.


The virus is spread through the air, which is the breath, the center of a collective life that no one in the world can be separate from.


With this situation, how can we continue to live and still have what people see with ordinary eyes, for us to see how precious it is when we have healthy days with a prosperous country?


We never treasure and think about all the places that are blessed, but when a virus appears then we realize that the air is truly essential.


Where does the air come from?


And everything in the collective life, from the breath to all things that we do – from where?


From God who gives.


God gives us immunity to fend off all ordinary viruses, but eventually there are certain viruses that human beings cannot fight off.


We are aware and this is the time when we are completely helpless with everything we face.


We know God gives us the breath, gives us the air.


God gives us everything good, but have we ever thanked God?


Have we ever thought of God, for us to thank?


Have we ever spent some time getting to know Him?


Certainly, there are those who still do not know, those who knew, and those who refuse.


Today let us look at the opportunity to lift up to the Supreme Being.


Apart from Him, there is no one else who can help.


Let us lift up in hope the people who are in the state of the last days of life, of the days of dying in a hospital bed from the coronavirus, a disease commonly known as Wuhan, originating in Wuhan, which is now a city on a lockdown.


Today the situation is getting more serious.


God, please have mercy on the innocent children.


God, please have mercy on the innocent people, the victims.


At this moment, we can do nothing else but call on God’s Name, because we believe that He always has a way and He loves mankind immeasurably.


People just need to know whom to call on at this moment, in this moment of death, especially in a tired and exhausted body, but their soul will never be locked up if they pray to God with their heart.


If they recognize God and profess, God will surely have a way to save the stressful present situation.


Everything that happens is not by coincidence but is a reminder for those who are foolish and arrogant people of functions, people who live accustomed to crime, people who usurp in the truth with God’s teaching.


To usurp God’s right is an offense to God so they must bear the consequences for themselves, for their country, and things they cause.


I pray to God – this is the moment for people to open their eyes to learn to fear, to turn away from evil, to recognize what God has given them.


The only thing I know is that our brothers and sisters have the duty and responsibility to proclaim what is most needed for the urgent days that have been foretold for months, which is the gift of The Six Kowtows.


At this moment, there are people who do not know about this gift and we have not had the opportunity to go to those places.


Today we are united, to work, to hand over, to directly as well as indirectly bring that gift to people, via the Internet, via YouTube, via every possible means, for people to receive.


Because this is the last hope for the sick, the last hope for those who are infected with the virus, the last hope for those who are being quarantined in a place where they can no longer be contacted.


I lift up to God all the difficulties of the victims, of the innocent brothers and sisters who are falling into the situation of a country, as they spoke of the days of hell on earth.


If they know God then it is on the day they suffer most that they recognize who God is, and the moment they have hope – there is only one God.


We lift up all these things, praying for God to have mercy, to enlighten us, and to show us what we can do for our brothers.


There are innocent people, innocent children.


If they remain in this situation, they might be infected with the virus.


God, please have mercy on the people we pray for, and for those who are living in iniquity, for them to open their eyes to see what they are encountering, for them to repent and return to the Lord with the infinite mercy that He grants to humanity in general, to those who know Him, who return to Him, and who believe in Him.


Through the wrath that comes from God, may the unrighteous and disobedient be aware, awaken, and return in time.


Let it not be too late and too tardy. Amen.


We offer the Second Kowtow.


O Jesus our Savior, I thank You for You have died for our sins.


Each one of us and the whole world has a life, but we ​​never understand and cherish what we have that was given to us by Jesus.


Even though sinful, we still survive and exist because God has been patient, for us to have this day.


Life and hope comes from God.


May all of us unite to return with absolute faith, to trust in the Savior, for our life to follow and learn from His doctrine to help us stay away from sin, stay away from the darkness, and stay away from unrighteousness; to amend our life, to help us live in support and love.


Live believing and belonging to God, for whoever believes in Him will never perish and never die.


Believe in God for us to have an everlasting life.


As God the Father has said and bestowed to the world, and as we heard from the Gospel, He so loved the world that He sacrificed His only-begotten Son so that the world could be saved and forgiven.


That was accomplished through Jesus.


O Lord Jesus, our Savior, I thank You for all the blessings poured down.


Your death brought glorious victory so that today people may live in hope.


No matter how sinful, no matter how depraved, God is still the Supreme Being who replaced and died on behalf of humanity.


Thanks to His death, today each of us sinners has the opportunity to stand up,  repent, and profess.


Today in the face of the present adversity, all over the world, we are trembling with fear in regard to the threat to life.


This is an outbreak of a virus that is transmitted through sneezing or coughing – it can even be transmitted before there are any symptoms, and it is not easy to avoid because we cannot control the freedom of each person going to and fro, so we truly do not know what tomorrow will be like.


Today the virus from Wuhan has spread to Vietnam, to a city of California, to a city of Houston, Texas, and the spread will occur in other cities as well.


Because it is a virus, likely it will continue to spread everywhere.


But Lord Jesus Christ, You died for all sins, You died for all the outbreaks, for the problems in the world with its crimes.


Today mankind has committed the most evil deeds, looking for all means to eliminate each other in hatred, to cause an outbreak like today.


God knows everything and God sees everything.


However God still holds back His hand to give the innocent the opportunity to reconsider, the opportunity to get away from the people with evil intentions who look for all kinds of ways to kill the righteous.


God is the Lord who gives everyone the opportunity.


Those who believe in Him, in the truth, will be saved and protected.


We are happy to live in a protected country, as an American citizen.


From a healthy life and all aspects, from a life respected as a human being, as a citizen, we rejoice for what we presently have and we represent people all over the world, because they do not know their values, they do not know that life is enriched by God who grants and gives.


They only know life as ordinary, as normal. They have never thanked God. They never trust in God, and they never look back at what they have, for them to live a more worthy and fervent life.


Today we lift up to God all our weaknesses and mistakes.


God, please forgive us. God, please have mercy on the people who are affected by the present situation with the outbreak.


They are the people whom You have saved from Your death.


From Your Blood, their souls have been cleansed.


But today, in their last moments of life, they do not know who to call on and who to look for – they do not know of any place for them to rely on, apart from the Lord Jesus Christ, the only One who raised the dead, who healed the sick.


There are many more extraordinary things that the Lord Jesus has done and today He is present in the divine realm to continue to grant that to the world.


Today, who can I trust? Who can I rely on to confide in or talk to but God?


O Lord Jesus Christ, You died for us 2,000 years ago.


Today You continue to suffer because of the Wounds that still bleed, because of humanity’s sins, because of mankind’s indifference toward each other, because of the disobedience and rebellion, because of the wickedness that causes mankind to reject God.


Today the time has come. People are fighting a crisis – there is no help apart from God.


May the Lord Jesus Christ look at us and forgive our mistakes and imperfections.


Today may people open their eyes to recognize who the Savior is, who the Redeemer is, and who the Supreme Being is who intervenes for them in this urgent and difficult time with this outbreak.


God, please have mercy and look at us.


May we recognize our sins for us to be in a spirit of repentance, in a spirit of confession, of understanding, and of belief, because, apart from God, there is no one who can give us life and hope.


We are united to pray for our sisters, for our brothers.


May the holy will of God be done on the victims, on the innocent, on those who no longer have the opportunity because they have been in a complete lockdown.


May God have mercy on the people who are not sick, who are trapped, and are in a very stressful situation, with lack of water, of food, and being sealed off – then they surely no longer have certain medications.


The secrecy of the officials was a misstep and caused suffering to the citizens.


God is the just Supreme Being.


This is an opportunity for God to destroy evil on those who are in authority but they live in unrighteousness, disobedience, and rebellion, usurping God’s right.


This is also the opportunity for the citizens to see who they have nominated to become those who have dominated for years.


Where is the truth? Where is the righteousness?


Pray to God – justice will come to the country, to those who seek God and Mother Mary’s gift.


Today mankind cannot refuse, because this is something that was prepared for the whole world by Mother Mary, for the events that men created between themselves and for the state of agony that mankind ends up in today.


We lift up to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Please accept our prayers.


God, please enlighten and help those who are in a state of deadlock, for them to have hope in You, and even if they die, they will be happy and peaceful in the light of the Divine Mercy.


May God have mercy and save the living according to His way. May He give people the opportunity to have hope and become healthy, through our Lord Jesus Christ’s healing and intervention. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is the love, the light, and the grace.


When it comes to my duty and responsibility to report and to speak on behalf of the brothers and sisters and everyone in all matters of this era, to present and lift up to God, we cannot refuse and cannot help but believe what is in the truth.


God has given me strength.


In the moments of weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion, the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit has poured down on me, for me to be strong and report every detail, clearly presented and spoken, to lift up to God with the gift that Mother Mary has taught us.


This teaching has been cultivated in us for the past six years.


The trials, the difficulties, all the events, and all the problems in the world are lifted up to God with The Six Kowtows – to every Person.


We present, we lift up, and we respectfully offer.


O Holy Spirit, only You are the wise Supreme Being.


You are the strength, the love, the courage, to help us speak the voice of truth today: to the people whose hearts are hardened, who refuse God, who have used their power in this world to reject the love and refuse to believe in God, who used power to forbid the innocent and the victims from knowing God.


Today what they receive is what they believe is theirs – they believe in their evil control, that they can do everything, but in the end “to sow evil is to reap evil.”


They have chosen evil so evil will be their answer today.


O Lord God Almighty, this is a true story – that in this world and at this time, people find it hard to believe and understand.


But know that righteousness is always protected, that virtue in a life of love and unity in sacrifice is always needed, which God grants and God also repays those merits.


As for the people whose disobedient and rebellious actions have deliberately harmed and wounded the innocent, then those people must pay a great deal in this age.


Our God is kind, – He never acts according to the way people do.


He sees, He teaches, and if people do not listen, surely He will give many opportunities, but if they ignore and continue to offend, then the consequences will follow like today.


All things that mankind thinks will win over, will grasp the situation, will be the one to expand and master the world through money and through unrighteousness – in the end, things that have been done and that have been planned have the answer in today’s history.


Today, regarding the situation, who do I mention and what do I say to God?


I simply pray for God to love the innocent who are affected by today’s outbreak.


May the Holy Spirit heal them in His way.


We know that in the spirit, in the presence, in the prayer, the Holy Spirit will certainly grant, for people to have the wisdom to find ways to save the brothers and sisters when they are people who know to pray and run to God in this moment on behalf of those who are disabled, with a sick body, with only a little spirit left in their final hours.


God, please have mercy, for them to receive the gift that Mother Mary offers – even if they are unbelievers, yet from their lives, God knows they are victims, God also loves them in a special way.


O Holy Spirit, You are the wise Supreme Being.


Please grant to those who are alert in the city of Wuhan in China and those who have the virus, to be enlightened.


Their families are suffering and crying.


Instead of suffering and crying, run to God, pray to God, believe in God, the Supreme Being whom they call Mr. Creator – not to an earthly king, not to a current leader, not to the works of fame and fortune.


Even with a pile of money, even with a huge fortune, one cannot buy a disease or be able to free oneself from a disease.


Mankind needs to remember that God is the Supreme Being who decides regarding all life for mankind, and God plans and arranges regarding all matters.


God gives mankind all means, but he who is disobedient, unrighteous, and rebellious then suffers what is in his own failure.


As for those who are righteous, God will save them, God will intervene for them.


God will grant in a special way to those who call on His Name.


Today we pray to God, as God teaches us to pray for sinners to open their eyes in repentance – in time – and to save the innocent because they are victims.


God, please use all kinds of ways in Your supremacy to save the innocent who are helpless and are in a situation in which they no longer have the opportunity to communicate with the outside world.


The secrecy of the leaders.


There are many deaths – even the doctors and nurses are getting sick from the virus at this time.


God, please save millions of people, many of whom I believe are victims and innocent people. I lift up to God all things.


God, please plan and arrange.


We believe that our prayers will resonate to His throne.


God, please help the sick in Wuhan and in all other countries, like the place where we live. We do not know the places that have the outbreak and it can always spread to us, but thanks to God’s protection for everything to be peaceful in the coming days.


We worship God, we praise God.


This outbreak is like an awakening for the human soul, a reminder for the life of faith, for mankind to return, to submit, to worship, and to profess God. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How do we know? How do we have the opportunity after the church is closed? Everyone has left but we remain in the church in silence.

For months, one person stays to do the Way of the Cross, another stays to kowtow to God, another stays to receive the message, and another stays to be with the Eucharistic Jesus.

Then there is the person who is absorbed in the writing to be posted on the Internet for everyone to hear and find, and another who diligently translates the messages. Many brothers and sisters contribute together in unity to bring this special gift to the most urgent days as Mother asked from us.

Today, O Eucharistic Jesus, we know this because we contemplate the glory of the Eucharistic Jesus, the liveliness by the voice that God has granted us for the last ten years and also in the days of practice for six years with this gift of The Six Kowtows.


We have traveled all over and we have had the opportunity to practice this.


God heals the souls in purgatory, heals the indifferent, and heals the people who seek justice and righteousness. God has granted in a special way.


So speaking of the lofty spirituality in abundance, it is the Eucharistic Jesus who is at work.


It is the Eucharistic Jesus who is realizing.


It is the Eucharistic Jesus who is choosing human beings to bring His voice to the world, to bring all that is done in our human condition through the teachings of the doctrine, to help increase faith, strengthen faith, and also help bring people close to God.


This is also to help people in urgency and beseeching, for them to be saved at the right time, to not let it be too late and too tardy.


Because people have lived and are living in a state of delusion, in indifference, in error, in blindness.


Today, people consider things in reality to be true and correct, but in the end that reality has had an answer like today.


Just an outbreak, just a breeze, then everything vanishes, becomes ground zero.


A center of commerce, a thriving city in the New Year’s days, today Wuhan is like a ghost town.


The days have become days that are beyond our imagination.


The outbreak has spread all over and caused a lockdown.


It has become a major crisis for the whole world and for the Chinese people, and it not only affects China but everywhere else in the world.


That was caused by the unrighteous actions of human beings.


This is not a slander, this is not something one makes up to say, but because of that unrighteousness, there has been the answer.


Things people have done for so many years – not the citizens but the rulers.


They have completely rejected God, they have forbidden, they have offended God, they have done many things, they have burned down the churches, they have removed the crosses.


Because they reject God, the devil will take control of them, and it is precisely because the devil controls them that today, for what they achieved, they will eventually fail and lose the battle, like a campaign of death.


God is the Almighty. God loves those who are victims and God gives people today the opportunity to know His presence.


His protection is the last place of entrustment that people run to.


Praying through The Six Kowtows, they will come to know the Eucharistic Jesus, the brothers, the priests they have personally murdered, the Christians they have killed, the Bibles they have burned, the churches they have destroyed, the crosses of the Lord Jesus Christ they have crushed.


The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ came to bring peace, to bring harmony, to bring reconciliation, to bring belief and happiness for their own lives.


However, that country refused, so today that country and its citizens are falling into a situation in which they no longer have hope.


Within mankind there is the ruling and action of pride, which offends.


They themselves have thought they have won.


That is correct – for days they have won with unrighteousness, but in the end they must pay at the cost of a human life, and they themselves are falling into that state with a disease they caused.


Today God is the Lord of love.


Who dares to say that, who dares to affirm that? And who knows clearly what is happening? – Those who have rejected God, offended God, refused to allow the citizens to know God.


These citizens have become the victims.


Who do they call today, who do they ask, and who is the person to intervene and respond, apart from God?


This is something to teach the human world when people disobey, rebel, are unrighteous – and with no faith they will deviate.


Now people will open their eyes.


Which idol can help them now? Which idol can save them now? And which idol is as powerful as God?


May everyone listen and through these events know who the Eucharistic Jesus is.


He is the Supreme Being who came years ago, but He is still present and remains to help us in our trials and sufferings. He is present, with us.


He has the right to forgive us and He is the source of hope for the whole world.


Those who have ears then hear, eyes then see, hearts then feel what is most ordinary – to trust God, return to God, and live in the doctrine that God has given us through salvation.


The nourishment of the soul is the Eucharistic Jesus and today we are before His presence to receive the words in the truth that everyone receives and listens.


I worship God. I praise God. I honor God.


May I, together with the brothers and sisters, represent the people who are affected by the outbreak, to pray for God to have mercy on them, for God to bring their souls to the eternal place.


May they take refuge in God’s Divine Mercy. God, please save those who are in a situation in which You give them the opportunity to live, the opportunity to witness to this truth, the opportunity to know You and believe in You. Amen.


The Fifth Kowtow.


We are lifted toward the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, to prostrate on behalf of the brothers and sisters and the sheep of God in Wuhan, Vũ Hán in Vietnamese.


O God, the time is urgent. We look at our brothers and sisters in Wuhan.


They are people who do not know and do not yet know about You, and in this situation, between people and people, we feel very sad.


This is something very important for the spiritual life, as we know today, only God is the Omniscient One and knows what situation His children are in.


Whether they are victims or culprits or rebels, they need to turn toward His Cross, toward His Five Holy Signs, the Supreme Being who died on behalf of humanity, the Supreme Being who sacrificed for humanity, the Supreme Being who accepted death and endured pain and suffering through wounds, to become the price of Blood to cleanse the souls and the sins of the world for generations.


Those who seek: they will live; those who seek: they will encounter; to those who knock, it will be opened to them.


That was the word God has granted and given.


Today, with the Fifth Kowtow, we lift up to God on behalf of the brothers and sisters in the lockdown in Wuhan, as the outbreak is spreading everywhere like a threat to life all over the world.


These brothers and sisters have been quarantined.


How pitiful for the children, for the victims, for those who are not sick, who have also been quarantined.


They will fall into a hopeless situation.


What we know today, with the cries, with the screams, and with what we hear, is that this is a city that is writhing and dying in the last hour.


O God, please embrace and have mercy on those who are turning to You.


They know that it is time for them to find out who Mr. Creator is – the Supreme Being they must pray to, the Supreme Being who loves and gives them the opportunity, and the Supreme Being to rely on in a spirit of hope.


This is the moment when mankind must clearly recognize – not just Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, but the whole world needs to turn toward the Cross.


The Lord Jesus Christ – He came, and He is the Lord, the Savior, the Redeemer of the world.


He came to the human world, lived with mankind, and taught mankind.


Mankind needs to learn about faith and seek to live in His way.


The time has come.


For countless years not knowing God, rejecting God, today, in this urgent moment, let us open our mouths to speak, open our mouths to beseech, open our mouths in humility to ask the almighty God, the Supreme Being who has risen from death to resurrect in glorious triumph.


Today, O brothers and sisters in Wuhan, do not be despondent.


God gives you graces – even though you are facing the outbreak today, this is an opportunity for you to accept God, to profess God, to cry out to God.


You know that God is the Supreme Being who gives you love to lead you to the eternal place, who gives you days of life on earth, and He will act and save you in the outbreaks.


You just need faith then you will receive the riches.


In the present situation in which we are fellow human beings, we have the opportunity in a prosperous country to pray to God.


At the moment, what we can do for you is to beseech God, because we know that He is the Supreme Being who grants to you, the Supreme Being who has the authority to intervene for you, the Supreme Being who heals you, the Supreme Being who saves you even though you do not yet know Him.


Today, what we have practiced for the past six years and what Mother Mary has prepared for the whole world is this gift, for the urgent situations.


That is for the outbreaks and other events that will happen and continue to happen.


This is the moment for you to open your hearts to accept God, open your hearts to pray to God.


Believe and lift up to God, through the method that Mother Mary taught, which is the gift of The Six Kowtows.


You already know who Mr. Creator is – Mr. Creator is God.


You already know of the Lord Jesus who died on the Cross.


You know the love that God the Father has granted is the Holy Spirit, and His Spirit will lead you to understand the dogma, to understand God, and to believe in God.


If you know, you fully understand the presence of the divine God through the Blessed Sacrament that we spiritually receive in this century.


Through His words He has granted you the protection.


It is His word that helped you in the life of faith.


He came to visit you spiritually.


Pray to God. Do not feel hopeless.


Everything not in righteousness surely you will know in the country you live in, and what does not belong to spirituality will then be controlled by evil.


God never uses evil to destroy mankind; only mankind uses evil to destroy each other.


People uses ruthless schemes to achieve their goals.


Brothers and sisters, you are innocent people.


You are the people who were forbidden to know who God is.


But today you have the right – no one can obstruct your beliefs to belong to God, no one can hinder your faith to come to God in this urgent moment.


Even though late, He never refuses.


No one can prevent God’s everlasting love granted to you.


Today we know only one thing – we are standing outside the fence and we seek to help you and there is no other way but to beseech the Supreme Being who has the authority.


We beseech the Supreme Being who died for all of you and for me. We beseech the Almighty to have mercy and welcome you.


Even if you die, your souls are entrusted to God.


In this final moment, brothers and sisters, repent, lift up to God, trust God, return to God, and know who God is.


Certainly if you pray to God with your wholehearted devotion, with heart, as you pray in your souls, God will accept and listen.


This is what we share with you.


The Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The First Holy Sign is God the Father in the Divine Mercy’s love – the world and all humanity must know and recognize Him.


The Second Holy Sign is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, the Person who died for the world, and

that history is forever, and those who believe in Him will have eternal life.


The Third Holy Sign is the love of God that leads you to understand what love is and that God is the Sovereign.


Who is God and where does He come from?


From eternity, from the very beginning of the times of the Old Testament to the New Testament, He is still present with you to this day.


Through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, you will know that Jesus is in our midst, in the divine realm and spiritually through the Blessed Sacrament.


The Blessed Sacrament is given to the Christians, and for those who do not know, for them to know; for those who do not believe, for them to believe.


Because the presence is real, urging us to have this message in a most intimate, simple way.


When you pray to God, with faith, with a sincere heart to seek to know Him, to believe in Him, you will receive the answer from the almighty God.


Moreover we have Mother Mary.


A woman named Maria, the Immaculate Conception and the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the human race and the Mother of all humanity, including you.


Our Mother will not leave us.


Though you do not know Mother or do not welcome Mother, Mother has prayed daily on our behalf, for you to have the opportunity to recognize the gift that the Second Person of God has given to you, has granted to you.


You have the right to receive the gift.


Today it is time.


God does not blame if you are late. God simply hopes for you to recognize Him. God simply hopes and waits for you to profess Him. God has waited for you – to save you, to love you, and to welcome you into His Divine Mercy.


Today Mother leads us and helps us understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs.


Brothers and sisters, turn toward the Five Holy Signs, turn toward the Cross to understand the inside story of the Cross, to understand the merciful Heart of God’s immeasurable Divine Mercy.


At this moment, simply pray and beseech, turned toward the Cross, toward the Savior, toward the gift that today God grants to us through Mother Mary to help us in the urgent moments, in the outbreaks, in times of trial, in times of catastrophe, in times of tribulation, and in the events.


This is the moment this gift is conveyed to you.


Please believe and practice.


Please lift up in the most urgent moment and pray for God to help.


Certainly God will not let you return empty-handed, He does not let you be hopeless.


That depends on us.


This is the moment – we do not rely on human authority, we no longer rely on the government, but we rely on faith, for us to entrust in God.


We lift up to God, we pray for God to save us in this urgent moment.


All lives seem to be threatened by a terrible and frightening outbreak caused by human beings.


It is time for us to see the cruelty of the people in power, the cruelty of the leaders who do not know God and do not live in righteousness.


It is time for you to look at the countries with the leaders who know God, who recognize God, for they will prevail.


Even though everything is not possible, yet in God’s loving embrace He will defend the righteous.


As for the unrighteous they will face misery and suffering.


The time has come for you to unite and return to God, plead with God, and beseech the Divine Mercy.


Unite with us to lift up to God, beseeching His Divine Mercy.


Certainly He will save you, for you to have a new faith, a new life in the deliverance of love and the Divine Mercy that God has given you through the victory of the Five Holy Signs, through the Cross that the Lord Jesus brought in triumphant glory and granted to the human world.


Whoever believes will receive, whoever seeks will find, whoever knocks, it will be opened unto you. Amen.


The Sixth Kowtow.


O God the Father, the Almighty, the Supreme Being full of mercy.


O Father, after returning from the trip on which You allowed me to visit to bring the books of The Six Kowtows to give to the ranks of the priests in the Church and to the laypeople, we saw the faith of a country [the Philippines, January 2020] in which 80% of the population believe in You, and the wonders You have done for this country.


When we returned, I also saw the events that happened as in the plan and arrangement for the end of history.


I know that my mission is to report what You want and this is something most important and urgent, to save my brothers and sisters who are the victims of the times for generations.


They have no way to stand up to choose the life of worship and faith that they need.


O Father, we have prepared for ten years since receiving what You gave and granted to us in a special way, which are Your lively words through the Blessed Sacrament.


From the Blessed Sacrament, for six years, Mother Mary has taught us the way to pray, taught us how to communicate all things to the world, to all countries, to all nationalities, and to everyone in this world, to return to God.


It was also the opportunity for us to recognize the closeness of heaven that for nearly ten years, You have given us in a special way, and the most joyous thing is that we have traveled all over.


That is the gift of The Six Kowtows – by practice, by the heart, by the soul, by mind and body.


In reverence, we beseech, lift up to You, present to You all matters, and we receive the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit in a special way through the reminders in the recent months.


Especially for China as well as Vietnam, especially for the atheists and authoritarian people who are ruling with injustice all over the world.


It is also an invitation for the people who live in unrighteousness to return.


For years we have silently traveled all over, to practice this, and Father has allowed us to grow in faith, in courage, to bring this gift to the world, which is a most gentle way to strengthen the life of faith for each person, each parishioner, and each sheep of God.


For people who seek the truth, no matter who they are, we only know that God is the Supreme Being who commands, the Supreme Being who has power, the Supreme Being who loves, the Supreme Being who rules by love to give life and existence to mankind till this day.


Even though mankind is ungrateful and offends, God’s Divine Mercy is granted in a special way to save us.


God said: I do not want the wicked to die. I want them to repent and live.


For ages, we have been so shortsighted, stubborn, obstinate, and hardened.


We live in the blindness of sensuality, of greed, of selfishness, of ambition, and many more evil things in real life.


But God is the Almighty – He grants in a special way to save mankind and to bring mankind to the truth. God has planned and arranged, and through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, He allowed mankind to be delivered from sin and from the darkness, to return to the light of the truth and the doctrine that the Blood of the Lord Jesus has exchanged.


By the side of the Lord Jesus is Mother Mary, the being from whom today we have this gift, the being whose entire life has practiced this gift and prayed for us to be saved in the most urgent days of the end of history.


O Father, because of these points You grant to us, and through the Holy Spirit’s urging, for us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, a being without any stain of sin.


No matter how many days on earth, no matter how many painful situations that mankind caused to Her Son who is the Lord Jesus and Her God, Mother still silently meditated on all the work God achieved to bring to mankind the seal that will never fade in every situation in forgiveness.


Today how can we know what we need and still have in the most urgent moments?


O Mother Mary, Mother of Divine Mercy – Mother knows that mankind is limited in our understanding, that people are victims in their countries, that they do not have the opportunity to believe and know God, that those who found God were persecuted.


There are countries in which there have been violations and offenses committed in the places of worship – people who destroyed the crosses, persecuted the parishioners, arrested priests.


Those people have caused the faith of their own country to be blurred.


The citizens, even if they want to, do not dare, and they greatly suffer to be confined in a country that inhibits the freedom to worship.


Mother Mary knew Her children in that yearning, Her children who were persecuted because of righteousness, Her children who hungered and longed for the life of faith.


They know God, but they are forbidden.


Thus they have gradually lost the life of reality that the government has suppressed, with the taking down of the Ten Commandments, with the destruction of the crosses, with the  destruction of all the churches.


Churches are places where there are the sacrifices of the clergy, the people dedicated to help the poor, to help the lepers, and to help those who suffer.


Today the churches are destroyed, the crosses removed, so those who did that have destroyed all the refuge of the spirit of a life of faith, where there was depth, height, and width, for them to live in the hope granted by God.


Because of what the authorities did, today their citizens are enduring and suffering.


God loves these victims and Mother Mary is the person who has understood this from the beginning and especially in the most recent years.


For the past six years Mother has prepared this gift, because Mother knows that every person has the right to a spiritual life.


In the most urgent moments, how do people have an encounter, how can people be saved in their final hours?


Whoever believes in God will have eternal life. Whoever rejects God will no longer have a place of light to rely on.


Today everything that happens is not a coincidence, but is something that was foretold to mankind six years ago, when the gift of The Six Kowtows came into the world, not just for the times when people face urgent moments or events, but people need to strengthen their faith in this day and age, even before they face a situation that is threatening or harmful.


When faith has been lost, when faith has been corrupted, when faith has been viewed by people as an ordinary, trivial thing, then people have entered into a life of science and technology, into clever sophistication.


But clever sophistication does not cure and save in the most urgent moments, does not cure and save during outbreaks or when events occur.


May all our ears listen in a reasonable way and accept what is in the truth.


These are the words that people have heard but despised.


How many people listen, how many people know, even though messages are posted on the website and on YouTube, to call everyone to prepare and accept what is simplest to pray and practice for themselves when the events happen?


We use what we have to call on God’s Name, the Supreme Being we believe in, the Supreme Being who has the power to save us and forgive us, the Supreme Being who loves us, even in our final hours.


Today, may everyone open their eyes to see what God grants to us with His love and Divine Mercy.


We have Mother Mary as a mother who sees the children in the battle of their final hours – Mother loves us so Mother has prepared for the past six years.


Mother has prepared for us a very simple and ordinary spirit of faith. Mother has given us a way to pray daily, for a steadfast faith.


We are not afraid when the events happen, because if we die, our souls are saved when we call on God’s Name.


If we are in a state of days of fear, let us pray, for us to be steadfast, to be at peace, and to be in hope.


When we believe in God we are happy and there are many things we can entrust.


What do we give to one another?


When we encounter events, our fame, our fortune, our position will not save us from epidemics and natural disasters.


Thus, today is an affirmation to help us along the way to recognize the spiritual things that Mother has arranged for us, a Mother who has clearly understood what happens and what will happen to the world, especially to Her children who live in the countries where they are being restricted.


Though they do not have the opportunity to know God and do not have the opportunity to recognize God, He still loves those who are victims.


This is the moment. Everyone around the world, especially for those who are affected by the present outbreak and other upcoming events to all countries and nations, we have the right to choose what we have in the world, but we do not have the right to choose the destination when the outbreak is by our side.


The illness of the soul as well as the illness of the body – let us look at this for us to accept the most ordinary gift yet most extraordinary in the divine mystery, which Mother Mary has taught, for us to profess God, return to God, believe in God, even if we still have not officially been baptized.


In urgent moments like this, who do people pray to and who is the person that can help and can see, apart from God?


Thus it is time for God to use all means to save mankind.


Mother Mary is a mother who loves us.


Besides God, Mother is the person who always seeks ways to lead us back to God, to come to God, and to pray for God to save us in every situation, in every role, in every class, in every nation, and in every tribulation.


The Holy Spirit wants us to unite and respectfully offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow.


We represent our brothers and sisters in their final hours. We represent the whole world, those who have functions.


We are the witnesses to the abundant gift that God offers through Mother Mary, to lift up our gratitude with the Sixth Kowtow, to pray for Mother to help us.


This is the moment we need to open wide our eyes to see, open our ears to hear, open our hearts to feel what is in the arrangement.


It is not something normal like we infer, refuse, or disregard.


The time has come for us to pray.


This sacredness is like a seal imprinted in our soul from the beginning but we do not know how to use it and we do not understand its value.


Mother reminds us of God’s kindness and forgiveness, which has been given to us through the Divine Mercy, with the seal.


When we call on His Name, when we profess Him, when we return to Him, and when in the final hours of our life we ask for forgiveness, God will never abandon us.


He is the merciful and loving Supreme Being.


That is God, forever the Author of love, and today we have the opportunity through Mother Mary teaching us to receive this.


Today, brothers and sisters, even in a state of urgency and the outbreak, even if in the final hours, give yourselves the opportunity to call on God’s Name.


One person cannot but many people can unite, because today the people who are treating you, the doctors, are human like us. How can they know more sublime things? How can they know spiritual things?


God is the Supreme Being who grants, who gives, who heals.


Accept what comes and pray to God, hope in God.


Certainly, He will listen to our voices, praying in urgency.


Present what is in your lives, even the sinful days.


Pray and repent in the most urgent moments – God will have a way to save you, to help you, whether in this life or the next.


This is the most lively way that Mother Mary offers to the world.


May those in authority, or ordinary people, or the sick, hope and pray to God.


Surely He will listen and intervene for every heart, every soul that turn toward Him, through Mother Mary’s teaching, with the gift of The Six Kowtows.


Mother Mary promised to those who practice this gift, even when not possible with the body but their souls can, their hearts can, and their minds can, lift up to the almighty God and pray – Mother will definitely intervene for each person.


We are simply the people who convey what Mother has granted, given, and taught to today’s world.


If you or those affected by the outbreak cannot practice, we will on your behalf, but you are free, from your faith, from your heart, to lift up to God.


Certainly Mother Mary will have a way to help you, even if you do not know, because you are the victims of the times.


That favor has been granted to you in this time and we are here.


These are the moments, the moments I have known for the past six years, for me to tell this truth.


This is to testify to God’s love, to testify to the gift that is given to you like the final key for your lives, the final key in the end of history, for mankind’s faith, to call on His Name.


The time has come for God to pour down abundant graces to save all of us sinners, to save all penitents that are seeking ways to return, and to also save the victims of the outbreak in their final hours.


This is given for those who witness the opportunity to testify to God’s infinite love and Divine Mercy, which is granted to save mankind and give mankind life, faith, and hope.


Let all of us be wholehearted in this moment.


Do not let your soul reproach, do not let your soul think wrongly, do not think of relying on the government, on the people who are human beings like us – they are also confounded and have nothing left and may even turn against us.


Then only God is your trust, God is the Supreme Being who loves you, God is the Supreme Being who loves sinners like us.


We are just like you, we were in the darkness of sin – if He was not merciful, we would not have become the witnesses, the people who sacrifice, the people who know of the most urgent matters and pray to God.


We pray for God to open your hearts.


We ask God because there is no other opportunity but only the opportunity to pray, beseech God, and believe in God, so that you can continue to exist or be in the eternal place where you will come in the light of love and of the Savior.


This is what we profess because you have seen the crosses being taken down.


A country that usurps God’s right, a country that rejects God, the Savior – then who is their Savior?


You are the victims. Because of that God loves you.


God gives you a grace for us to have Mother Mary who prays for us, who brings us back to the last Divine Mercy of the end as you are in the final hours of the remaining days.


These are things that we can do for you, the prayers to find all kinds of means for this gift to come to Wuhan, to be handed to those who are quarantined, to those who are dying in the hospital bed, because if they still have their breath then their mind can still decide.


God, please have mercy on my brothers and sisters. God, please have mercy on those in Wuhan.

God, please have mercy on those who are quarantined, in a situation where they are in a state of crisis. God, please grant them Your light and peace. God, please grant them hope.


What we can do is to lift up our earnest prayers before the Eucharist, before the tabernacle.


We beseech with what Mother Mary taught, to ask for help from the divine realm.


Only God is the Supreme Being who intervenes, the Supreme Being who heals.


We ask in God’s Name, the Lord of love.


We worship God, praise God, glorify God, and profess God.


May we be forgiven before God. May everyone be conscious of coming to God and returning to Him.


May God forgive you and may each one of us repent – in contrition, in penance – to profess and lift up to God.


He will not condemn – He is just waiting for our proclamation.


We will have a new direction in faith and a generation in which we belong to God in the present moment with the outbreak spreading everywhere.


Pray. Return to God. Plead to God and prostrate to God.


He will never refuse those who call on His Name.


Mother Mary, I thank You.


You alone are the person who taught us this. You alone help us in the most stressful events. You alone can understand our hearts and remind us to love each other and do something for each other.


At this moment, we sacrifice with earnest prayers and continue to plead for the Divine Mercy’s love to save our brothers and sisters in Wuhan, to help those who are completely isolated, without the opportunity.


They will face hunger, and in all aspects, in the places where the outbreak started, the people who are not sick could become sick and they could eventually die in this situation.


May God have mercy, transform all those who are ruling, for them to have a heart of love, a heart of righteousness, a heart of obedience, with fear of God – then that country will become a prosperous country, and transform China, with such a large population, to know God, recognize God, and return to God through Mother Mary.


Today we only know to lift this prayer and ask Mother to accept and teach us, for us to continue to do what we can for our brothers and sisters, for the countries where the outbreak is, for faith to rise.


This is the life in which Mother always wants us in unity, in a life between one another, to love God and love our own brothers.


This is an opportunity for us to do what we can to lift up to God.


The mighty Supreme Being can do everything with those who believe and with those who call on His Name, even in the last moments of their lives.


O God, I thank You for giving us a wonderful Mother, for us to be aware of this gift, in the urgent moments.


God does not demand of us a whole life. God demands the last moment, when mankind believes in Him and calls on His name.


Certainly this is something that only our God grants to us.


May we dismiss the idols we believed in in the past, because today what can the idols do for us?


The idols are also the human beings whom God created – they have strayed and caused us to stray with the weaknesses of our faith.


So today, return to the only God, the almighty, the God whom we worship; praise; glorify; and honor – the God whom we prostrate to and profess, the God who grants and saves us in this urgency.


Let us open our eyes to see, open our ears to hear, open our hearts when we call on the Name of God and believe in God – then we will surely live in the hope that only God grants and gives.


The Angels and the Saints.


O Mother Mary, I thank You, for us to meet the saints and the angels, for us to ask for the intercession of St. Joseph, a being whom God the Father chose to be the foster father of the Lord Jesus Christ while on earth.


May everyone in this world choose him as their foster father.


O foster father, please look at Wuhan today, please look to all the families whose loved ones are sick, the wives and the children crying at the bedside of the sick, and they have also been infected with the members in their families.


O foster father, the patriarch of the family, please have mercy on the current situations today.


Because those people do not recognize God, do not know God, they live in a country where they have absolutely no chance to believe in God and to know of great and wonderful things.


Please have mercy and intercede with God to help those families through this outbreak, for them to be saved and recognize the intercession from you, St. Joseph.


You are the righteous one, the chaste one, the responsible one, and the one who lives to carry out God’s command, to become a person responsible to protect your own family.


Please pray for the world to recognize the intervention through your intercession, which the almighty God has granted to those who pray to you.


It is time for us to also pray to the heavenly court and especially to the three archangels, along with all the archangels in heaven, to help all the people in Wuhan, to please save those who are infected with the virus.


Please help their souls escape from the snares of the evil spirits that trap the innocents, the victims, those who have no opportunity.


We pray to all the archangels.


This is our opportunity to ask for heaven’s help.


We pray to the angels and the saints in the divine realm, to help and dispel the traps of the evil ones in their ruling to lead the citizens into this dire situation today.


Many people see the truth in the wickedness and that wickedness comes from the devil.


The archangels know what comes from the devil, with the scale of justice no one can win over you.


Please save us at this moment. Please protect us at this moment. Please help our Church today.


Let us start today to pray to God, to profess, and to do what can be done.


Because only God is the Supreme Being who removes all wickedness, for righteousness to exist.


May the people who live in iniquity return: those who do not know, to know; those who do not believe, to believe; for them to be protected by the archangels, together with the heavenly court and the guardian angels.


Please pray for us through these trials, for each one of us to learn to live in righteousness, to live in love and harmony, to practice living in solidarity and charity, living a life of righteousness that is needed for each person with the doctrine.


Indeed, it is not too complicated but simple, depending on our belief and heaven’s help and intervention.


Today I, along with everyone, lift up to God.


Wholeheartedly, we lift up to God with our soul, our body, our mind, to ask for heaven’s help, to ask for the saints to help us be strong and brave, to move forward, to witness to what God has granted in faith in order to bring the light for the life of faith to truly be in hope.


Everyone in the world needs to know this and needs this in life, to eliminate unrighteousness and all the sins that surround us, for us to become worthy and pure people before the love and the Divine Mercy at the world’s dying days, in the end of today’s history.


At this moment, together we unite to lift up everything, to pray for our dying brothers and sisters, and even for our lives that are at stake today with the outbreak.


It is not certain whether we will be unaffected in a powerful country, because the outbreak has spread everywhere and is a threat.


This is to remind the life of reality and the life of faith in a very clear way.


May all of us be in unity to worship and return to God.


Let us not despise and look down on what is ordinary through the daily kowtow, through the daily prostration.


Human beings have nothing deserving other than the soul, the mind, and the heart.


Let us not follow the human rules (1).


In this urgency, let us prostrate to God, profess God.


Let us prostrate with a repentant heart, bow our heads to ask God to forgive, to sanctify, to transform us, for our life to have days of peace and joy that God grants to those who are mature and understand this in the return.


In the Name of God who is the Lord of love, we thank Mother Mary for giving us this opportunity to speak and to lift up through the Holy Spirit’s guidance and to strongly affirm, for the life of faith to rise up.


It is neither too hard nor too complex.


May people trust and call on God’s Name in the most urgent time.


We will see what God has given and from there we will gain more knowledge, more wisdom.


When we are healthy again, when we recover, we know who God is and what we need to do in the righteousness that God is calling and granting us in the grace of Divine Mercy.


I, along with all the brothers and sisters, thank God, praise God, and glorify God for giving us the gift of The Six Kowtows in this urgency.


We believe in the Holy Spirit who has given the opportunity, to be the voice to be brought to the whole world, for everyone to be awakened, to believe in God, for us to be saved – to believe in God, for us to live with hope in a spiritual life, and for our souls to have a place of entrustment.


God is the Supreme Being who created us, died for us, sacrificed for us, loved us, and that Divine Mercy still exists for every sinner.


Today we all have the opportunity.


Let us return and hold on to what we have through Mother Mary’s teaching and the closeness that the Holy Spirit grants.


May all of us become humble, become a believer in God in the most urgent time, and become little, in order to be saved, to live, and to exist in the Divine Mercy’s love.


Lucia, together with all the brothers and sisters, conclude at 9:23 p.m., on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.


God has allowed me to report and lift up to God, to pray for the brothers and sisters who are suffering from the outbreak in Wuhan, and who are quarantined; also, for all the countries and nations, and the states we live in – to pray for God to have mercy and accept, with our earnest prayers.


I represent the brothers and sisters who are quarantined, who are dying and in the final hours of their life, who are hopeless.


God, please have mercy through our prayers, for the gift of The Six Kowtows to reach them in the moments they are in need, for them to know who God is, the Supreme Being who loves and seeks, the Supreme Being who loves and helps.


Mother Mary is the intermediary who leads us to the God of love and of the Divine Mercy, to receive the fullness of salvation.


Today, though late, we can still find our God – the only Supreme Being we worship, the only Supreme Being we honor and thank, the only Supreme Being with power, and the only Supreme Being who loves and is merciful.


O God, I thank You for giving me the opportunity to complete The Six Kowtows in this evening that is offered especially for the brothers and sisters in Wuhan and those who are suffering from the outbreak that is spreading all over, and also for their relatives who are concerned for their sick family members, who are in a lockdown and are losing hope.


This is an opportunity for people to recognize who God is.


It is most urgent for us to call on the One who has the power to grant and intervene for us in this world.


I continue to pray to God.


From our small sacrifices from the brothers and sisters in the group, we can help the life of faith of many people in the world in their most critical time, to be able to return to God, to know Him, to believe in Him, to recognize the intervention of the infinite Divine Mercy that God has granted to humanity in general and to each person.


This is also an opportunity for all those who have functions to be responsible. This is an opportunity for us to look at each of our conditions before God.


The righteous continue to do righteous deeds, to glorify God through the mission that God has granted.


We also need to be united and willing to find the truth in unity, to proclaim the word of God, with a sense of urgency to save all our fellow brothers and sisters in need.


They did not have the opportunity to know God, to recognize God.


In their final hours, who can they turn to, if not for our practice, our prayer, and our help, to let them know about God, recognize God, and return to God, for them to be saved in these urgent moments?


May each person look into what is most realistic.


Let us not rely on rules for us to forget what we need most.


We forget the riches God grants us in the urgent moment, in sacrifice, in faith, for us to live in charity by helping the brothers and sisters to know God in their final moments, in the moments of chaos and catastrophe.


I lift up to God everything that God gives for us to do.


May God bless those who receive, who listen, who practice, and who call on God’s Name during the event and in this urgent moment.


Along with my brothers and sisters in the group, we conclude our prayer with the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers to the world, for the moments of the events, a most important and most urgent method, for the echo of our earnest prayers in repentance and the surrender of both soul and body to be welcomed by God and to receive intervention.


May everyone live in God’s holy will, steadfast in faith and hope, for us to be saved in the most despondent moment, and if in death, for us to find life from God alone who grants.


The mighty One, the merciful One, the Sovereign, and the Father of humanity waits for our repentance, waits for our maturity, waits for our awakening and return.


I, and the brothers and sisters in the group, thank, praise, and glorify God, on behalf of the brothers and sisters in Wuhan.


May they receive and practice, for them to receive the intervention in a spiritual way, which God grants to every person, every sinner, every victim, every penitent, and every witness.


We conclude at 9:38 p.m., on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, in the evening, at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.


We are kneeling before the Cross, before the tabernacle, before the altar, where we attended Mass.


For years, we still have the opportunity to kneel before the monstrance, to be by God’s side to pray for this gift to grow each day, in me, in every brother and sister, to become a witness in this urgent age when there are events.


This is an opportunity to practice and to lift up to God.


Let us not rely on anyone else in this world, not rely on power or wealth, but only rely on God, the merciful One, to intervene and restore the situation with today’s outbreak.


God, please have mercy on the people who are quarantined in Wuhan and the countries that also have cases of the outbreak of the coronavirus that is threatening life all over the world.


We thank, praise, and glorify God.


May God intervene, accept, and help us awaken in faith in this urgent situation, to know who God is, to know the One whom we prostrate to and worship, to know who the Supreme Being is whom mankind believes in.


There is absolutely only one God.


In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, now and for ever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.




  • This is a common expression in these messages; in a word, it means to not be pharisaical.



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a “Father” in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.





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November 2020