Pray for the Souls


11-06-2019 – Pray for Souls

November 6, 2019

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan. 


Lucia: O God, it is 1:06 p.m., on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at Saint Michael’s Church – another Wednesday, another new day in our life. It is the first week of November. These are the days the Church reminds us to pray for the souls. On the first Wednesday of the month, God allows us to return to Saint Michael’s Church. We are kneeling in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the painting of Mother as the Queen, in Saint Michael’s Church. O God – thank God for allowing us to attend Mass this morning. We received God – that is, the Body and Blood of Christ into our heart. Every year in November, from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, along with the brothers and sisters, we pray to God for the souls, as the Church reminds us that it is our duty to pray for the dead. This is also a month when the souls are in great joy and wait for us to remember them in Masses so that they can receive these Masses as the blessing and a great gift that God grants to the dead. Moreover, we lift up Rosaries, Chaplets of Divine Mercy, good deeds, sacrifices, and works of charity. The souls benefit from the prayers and sacrifices of those who are still living and who remember them.


Moreover, for the past five years and the most recent ones, we have received the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered to the world and taught us how to pray. Mother  also helped us understand that we need the help of the angels, of the saints, to boldly move forward. We pray on behalf of the souls in purgatory. There were countless souls in purgatory that have returned to the light of love, the light of the Divine Mercy, through the prayers of The Six Kowtows that we respectfully offered. Another year and starting in this month, we offer to God these first days. May all of us in our work – each person chosen to proclaim the Good News through the gift of The Six Kowtows – remember and pray for the souls by our own sacrifices.


At the present time, in everything we do may we read the First Reading and the Gospel, for us to hear what God teaches and what we apply first in our life. We practice in our life and from there we continue to pray for and help the souls in purgatory. We also pray for the living to turn back, for sinners to repent, for the unbelievers to believe, and for those who seek the truth to recognize that God is the only truth. May the life of each person be renewed in the doctrine of God. We also beseech God on behalf of the souls in purgatory. These souls certainly repented, knew who God is, and realized what they neglected their entire lives, and how they lost the opportunity.


When we die and enter the other side, then we are clear about who we are and what we were allowed to receive countless times in life yet we denied because of our stubbornness and hardened heart. Human faith is extremely limited and for that reason we were subject to countless lures. There are those who suddenly departed from this life, there are those who lived in grace and died with blessings from God. We can see their final hours, how they lived their entire life. In the end we all die alone, with the choice we made in life while we were still breathing. God is the Supreme Being rich in mercy and offers mankind so much abundance in knowledge, and with faith we will receive what we have, when we believe. Unfortunately, sadly, there are so many souls that strayed, that erred, and worshiped idols.


In the end, where will they go? We hear the cries, the wailing, the pleas, and the grinding of teeth in the eternal fire as written in the Gospel. Today there are souls that still are in fire (1), wailing, crying. They are remorseful, they are afraid, and they are pleading for God to forgive them. They are counting on the Divine Mercy, they cannot do anything, they are souls who pray for people in this world to remember them. There are countless orphaned souls – abandoned, forgotten, from all over the world, from every nation, from every region. Today we cannot do everything – we only know that we need to pray in a special way in November, the month to pray for the souls. Moreover, it is a privilege that God grants to us in this month, with the sacrifice we make, the charitable work, the meaningful work, and especially the Masses that we request to help the souls.


The sacrifice we make with the small amount of money is to request Masses on behalf of the souls because they no longer have the opportunity to do it. They know they were wrong and have repented – now they greatly desire and long but there is no way for the other side and this world to meet. Just as Abraham was holding Lazarus in his bosom, the rich man yearned and knew he was wrong when he was still alive – he desired and hoped by asking Lazarus, the abandoned, hungry person on the side of the road. Poor Lazarus died and ended up in Abraham’s bosom but not the rich man, also a descendant of Abraham, because when he was alive his decisions were made in selfishness. When people are rich and wealthy, they do not think of the poor. Their life is enjoyment, pleasure, a life without charity, without sacrifice, and finally, when they end up on the other side, they are the ones who beg. But from one side to the other, though we can hear them, there is no way for us to do anything or see anything if God does not allow.


Today there are truly clear stories in history. When we live in the world but we do not know what is spiritual and we do not believe what is written in history books, then we are people who live in suffering. Woe to the life of those souls, for today they are wailing, suffering, writhing in the fire, and no one remembers them. There is only one thing: God’s benevolence and love to those who are still living in the world, to His Church, to those who are His replacement, the priests who offer Masses and prayers for those souls. Thus let us choose and live in maturity right now.


Let us give what is possible with our ability. Let us not be stingy with the dead because they desperately need our generosity. As long as we live we have the right to choose that abundance from materials, from money, from spiritual to faith. But once we pass to the other side, then we no longer have any opportunities. We just wait for justice and at the right time then God will allow us to return to Him. Certainly we must endure because that is the time we answer to the law of justice. Today the Divine Mercy of God is granted to those who live in the world, inviting them to return in repentance. God also grants the departed and the dead the benefit from the living – from earnest prayers, from sacrifices and works of charity, so let us sacrifice and repent on behalf of the dead.


These are the privileges we have in this world, especially every time we respectfully lift up in our ordinary life to thank God with The Six Kowtows. We lift up all problems in this world, we share every aspect we see regarding our Church, the laypeople, the battles of the world, the countries and nations, the country we reside in, things happening around the world, the spiritually and physically sick, the corrupt of society, the prisoners, the gravely ill people and people who are dying in their last hour. For everything we prayed through the gift of The Six Kowtows, and from there slowly everything seems to be heard and intervened by God.


We feel the lofty spirituality as God accepts this gift that we practice through Mother Mary’s guidance. From there it seemed to be an opening for us to move forward. We have worked throughout these years in silence to do what God allows and the only thing is to glorify God. It is also the only way to testify for sinners to have the opportunity to turn back and to remind them in life to return with repentance. When they are aware and conscious of the soul in the next life, may they not let it be too tardy and too late. May they be peaceful with life, to have days of hope. May they become those who recognize the great graces from the Lord Jesus Christ who redeemed our sins and granted us these graces.


As for the souls on the other side, they no longer have the opportunity. God grants us body and soul, mind and heart, for us to recognize what belongs to the flesh, what belongs to spirituality, what belongs to the price we pay when we choose, what belongs to justice and truth. Everything has a logical and clear order that God has granted to mankind and created us in His plan and arrangement.


We have the Supreme Being who is wise and loves us immeasurably, with a doctrine to teach us about truth, holiness, and life, but we are limited, because sin has created a veil. So today the regrets of countless souls, the regrets of people in the world for whom, when they realize, it is too late. Today let us pray for God to give us the opportunity to speak to Him, to lift up to Him. Let us rely on the readings to remind us what God is calling us to do, and how is life as we are called? Just like the word of God speaking to us today, He forever grants to those who are aware, who practice, who accept, and who live in that meditation, to help the souls of those who are still living and also the departed souls.


Today let us come to God who is truly rich in His gifts and constantly bestowing the best upon us. He never stops granting what is the best. He gives us when we experience and we believe. O God, Lord of love – all we do is to glorify Him. We pray, and may everyone prostrate before the almighty God, the loving Supreme Being, the merciful Supreme Being, who uses all kinds of ways for mankind to encounter and receive blessings and graces. May we understand that God uses all means to save mankind, to lead mankind back in reformation. God uses all means to bring mankind to the light of the Gospel, to rescue mankind, and to save those who are dead, who were foolish, ignorant, or refused.


So our lives are truly happy when we are God’s children, when we have His doctrine, when we believe, and we seek Him. All things the world does not believe, the world thinks is an oddity, an abstraction, things that are judged and doubted in the world, are because people remain within limitations so they do not believe in the works of God. O God, Lord of love – everything that is recorded, if we do not believe, then what can we use to be the fulcrum? If we believe in God but we do not believe that God is present in this world, in our midst, and what God does in the past, then who can live in faith to know of the glorious and wondrous works He offers in the supremacy of the Almighty God, who has given life to mankind and created the universe? We are people who serve, worship, prostrate, honor, and thank. That is our duty.


Let us live according to the doctrine that God has granted, for us to live with Him, with the conclusion of the days of exile on earth. Unfortunately and sadly, today we see people who still fall into sin, people who continue to live with days of limitation, because they only believe in things of the present, in needs, and they have not concerned themselves with what is most sublime. Thus, today there are souls in purgatory, souls wailing and regretting. When souls die, they learn about God’s infinite mercy, which they refused. It is what God granted to them but God did not force them when they were still alive. God wants us to follow what is clearly written in the Gospel through the pen of the apostles who wrote of the experiences and left us the word of God when He was still in the world.


God taught and the apostles practiced and lived the life that God planned for them. Today they are in heaven, and they taught us to continue with what belongs to God who always grants us life, light, love, and grace, to help us in faith and help us enter a domain of the world in which we see the most beautiful things that God offers to His children. From dust, from ash, from ordinary, commonplace people, when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, then we believe in the Father’s love, in His infinite mercy, in the Holy Spirit as the source of grace, the light that guides us, and in the divine, holy existence through the Blessed Sacrament, where He is present to nourish our soul.


We believe in the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a history to lead people, to lift them to God, and that resurrection is for us to live and exist. By our side, we still have our beloved Mother Mary. Mother teaches us what to do. Mother guides us into the doctrine, for us to live with meaningful days and be prepared for a future world with God in heaven. Mother also teaches us to avoid everything that is enticing in life. Mother teaches us to live in humility, to always serve God, and to place God above all else, to respond to the love of the Divine Mercy that God has granted to people who came from the dust, the transitory people of this world, for us to become princesses, princes, and to belong to the rank of mandarins who are presented to the King, the only King of love and mercy.


Today I beseech God and I also pray on behalf of the souls, especially at this moment, especially at Mass. We respectfully lift up, especially in the first days of November and especially this afternoon when we visit the cemetery. We pray for God to allow us to receive the love of the Divine Mercy that God has given us, for us to share with the souls. Though we do not see the dead, we believe in the life in heaven, the future life, the eternal life. Souls are yearning and waiting for people like us, who act charitably with the living, with the departed, and in the sense of charity through our sacrifice, so that God may accept, because we still have the days for us to continue to ask that the souls return to the light of love, of grace, of the Divine Mercy that God has given us.


Mother Mary always reminds us to remember the souls, to sacrifice for the souls. We need to request Masses for the souls. Mother Mary always reminds the living to love the dead because they did not make it in time, because they were in a hurry and failed to decide for their spiritual life, so today they must pay the price and answer to justice in purgatory. Today we are happy to have Mother and to be by Mother’s side. The gift of The Six Kowtows belongs to Mother. Today Mother teaches us to lift up to God, to offer to God. We unite to worship, to honor, to prostrate, and to pray for God to have mercy on us, to hear our prayers, and through our little sacrifices in our silence, for God to accept our prayers for our relatives and the souls we pray for, to return to God in the grace of the month to pray for souls. Amen.


O God, I thank God for giving me the opportunity. Before we respectfully lift up The Six Kowtows, God allowed us through the prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak and understand we are the disciples called to serve, in particular with the gift of The Six Kowtows granted to the world five years ago. There are many countries, many people who were able to feel the presence by the method Mother taught in The Six Kowtows to help us repent, both soul and body, to help us understand the meaning when we repent, both soul and body, like a gift of gratitude in return for the mercy God grants. Even if we repent a thousand times we are still unworthy. Nonetheless, we have nothing else to offer to God. O God, we have nothing worthy.


We have nothing to be worthy and we have nothing to offer to God, except the soul God created, our broken heart, days of imperfection, weakness, wretchedness, wandering. We remain in a world of need, indulgence, and passion. We only have that much to offer to God every day. God, please sanctify us, transform us, and teach us humility, resembling Mother Mary who lived a humble life to please the holy will of God, a model for the world. Today we rely on that for us to pray to God, to lift up to God, to present to God, and to prostrate on behalf of the souls that greatly desire and yearn, but they have nothing left and they no longer have the opportunity.


Today we represent them to pray for God to have mercy, to accept our prayers for souls to reap the benefit and be welcomed into the place God has prepared for them so that they may receive the light of love, the light of the Divine Mercy, and be set free from that burning fire. They are wailing, they are sorry, they are regretting, they are longing for a drop of water to cool their hearts, in a place where they must wait for justice before they return to God. I thank God for the prompting through the Holy Spirit today for us to become more mature, more aware of the works that we do, because there are times when we let things become a habit. It seems that each year, at a certain time, God teaches us through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, for us to clearly understand our roles, the works we do, and things God bestows in an abundant way – for us to cherish and respect.


Let us make the most of our time in sacrifice to help the souls leave purgatory, including our relatives, our loved ones, those who have helped us, those whom we owe, acquaintances, people we met, and people who used to work with us and who died unexpectedly. God, please have mercy and accept the prayers we respectfully lift up. We do not have much time left – let us lift up to God respectfully and meditate a little on the word of God today, to clearly understand this afternoon when we have the opportunity to pray on behalf of the souls. God, please have mercy and give the souls the opportunity to return to heaven (2). Amen.


Lucia, along with all my brothers and sisters, thank the Holy Spirit for the prompting, for helping me report on this afternoon, to prepare for the time we go to the cemetery with the rest of the group to pray in the first days of November. God, I, Lucia, Mercedes, Maria M., Theresa T., Maria N., Maria T., and a brother will join us this afternoon, Paul T. We conclude with these meditations on Wednesday at Saint Michael’s Church, before the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, and the painting of Mother as the queen.


God, please accept the words I offer and allow us to learn and meditate more on the teaching of the Holy Spirit for us to know our roles, to continue to be more diligent, to work harder, and to sacrifice more. What we do for the souls today, when the souls return to heaven they will pray for us so that we may continue in the mission and accomplish it. Then one day, as we still live in the world, certainly there will be weaknesses and we certainly need prayers from the saints and the souls. Surely there must be a place awaiting us, and for us to be able to return to God in the eternal place we must go through a place of complete purification before we return to God, so surely we are in dire need of prayers from the saints and the souls. Today we pray for them – then they will pray for us later when they return to God. They are praying for us.


Today we pray for God to help us remember this, for us to feel the closeness, for souls to help us overcome the snares and traps that the devil always uses to block us in our thinking, causing us to be delayed in our works. There are many things that still happen to this world. So we ask for the souls to continue to pray for us in our mission, for us to travel everywhere to pray for souls all over the world, which is also what God calls us to do and is pleasing to Him. As Mother Mary reminds us, God loves souls dearly but due to justice, God waits for people in the world to remember the souls, to know them, to pray for them, to sacrifice for them. Then God will allow the souls to return to heaven sooner than what justice calls for.


I lift up countless thanks to God and also on behalf of the souls, especially in this month – the souls are longing and waiting, as a prisoner waits for visitation. Those who have lived in prison lost their freedom – they wait for their loved ones, they wait for those who remember them, they wait for the gift of charity from others as something valuable; the souls greatly long for this in purgatory. Today, if we meditate on this, then surely we understand the souls and their longing, every second and every minute. This month, let us make more sacrifices and pray specifically for the souls. Amen.


  1. Purgatory – in the previous sentence “eternal fire” refers to hell.
  2. “Return to heaven” is a manner of speaking. We have not been in heaven, but our origin is in God.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



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